Lab – Investigate Breaches of PII, PHI, PCI (Answers) Lab – Investigate Breaches of PII, PHI, PCI

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In this lab, you will investigate breaches of PII, PHI, and PCI by searching the Internet and then recording your findings.

Background / Scenario

Personal information, including health and financial data, is compromised by both human carelessness and sophisticated computer attacks. This compromised data can impact millions and often the attacks go undetected for some time.

As an IT professional working with devices and personal data, it is important to be aware of the wide range of attacks and vulnerabilities that have occurred and what may have helped prevent them.

Required Resources

  • PC or mobile device with Internet access.


In this part of the lab, you will research and describe three breaches that have occurred recently. Include at least one PCI and one PHI. Use the following steps:

a. Launch your favorite web browser and go to your favorite search engine, such as Google.com.

What key terms will you use to search for recent breaches?

b. Go through the results and find the most interesting breaches that have occurred within the last 5 years.

c. Choose three different breaches to document in this lab.

d. Describe the breaches in detail. Make sure you answer the following questions:

  1. What was the name of the company or organization?
  2. What was targeted?
  3. Who was affected?
  4. How did the attack occur? Describe the details of what happened.
  5. What is the source of your information? Include the URL.
  6. What steps could have been taken to prevent the breach?

Breach #1:

Breach #2:

Breach #3:

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