Lab – Perform Preventive Maintenance on an Inkjet Printer (Answers) Lab – Perform Preventive Maintenance on an Inkjet Printer (Answers)

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In this lab, you will perform preventive maintenance on an inkjet printer.

Note: The lab instructions are for general reference only. Refer to the manufacturer’s printer manual for instructions to perform preventive maintenance on your inkjet printer model.

  • 1 inkjet printer
  • Printer manual or Internet access to view the printer manual


Step 1: Locate the printer manual.

The printer manual may be provided by your instructor or navigate to the printer manufacturer’s web site to download a copy of the printer manual for your printer model.

Step 2: Clean the print head.

You can print a pattern to check for clogged print heads.

a. Make sure there is paper in the paper tray.

b. Navigate to the maintenance menu either on the printer control panel or from the printer application on the computer.

c. Print a print head pattern.

d. Use the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine if the print head needs cleaning.

e. Clean the print head as necessary via the printer control panel or from the printer application on the computer.

Step 3: Replace the ink cartridge.

a. Check that power is on.

b. Open the cartridge access door. Wait for print cartridges to stop moving.

c. Lift up the cartridge tab and remove the cartridge from the slot.

d. Remove the new cartridge from the packaging and any protective tape from the ink cartridge head.

e. Place the new cartridge in the slot and carefully press the cartridge into place.

f. Repeat the above steps as necessary.

g. When all the cartridges have been replaced, close the cartridge access door.

Step 4: Clear a paper jam.

a. Check the paper tray for any paper that was not fed into the paper path correctly.

b. Check the automatic document feeder for paper left from the previous job.

c. If the above step did not clear the paper jam, open the cartridge access door.

d. Look for any paper in the paper path and remove it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Reflection Question

Refer to the printer manual. What other preventive maintenance can be performed on the printer?
Answers will vary. Some of the examples are: cleaning the paper path, align the print head, printer software update.

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