Lab – Remote Technician – Fix an Operating System Problem

Lab – Remote Technician – Fix an Operating System Problem


In this lab, you will gather data from the customer and then instruct the customer to fix a computer that does not connect to the network. Document the customer’s problem in the work order below.

Work Order

Student Technician Sheet
Company Name:        Main Street Stoneworks
Contact:                          Karin Jones
Company Address:    4252 W. Main Street
Company Phone:        1-888-774-4444

Generating a New Ticket

Category: ________         Closure Code: _____N/A_____  Status:    ____Open___
Type: _____N/A_____           Escalated: Yes                           Pending: _____N/A_____
Item: _____N/A_____                                             Pending Until Date: _____N/A_____
Business Impacting? (Yes / No) __Yes___
Summary _______________________________________________
Case ID#: _____78_____ Connection Type: _______Ethernet_______
Priority: 2 Environment: _____N/A_____
User Platform: _________________________________________

Problem Description:

Problem Solution:

Student Customer Sheet

Use the contact information and problem description below to report the following information to a level-two technician:

Contact Information

Company Name:      Main Street Stoneworks
Contact:                     Karin Jones
Company Address:  4252 W. Main St.
Company Phone:     1-888-774-4444

Problem Description

When I came into the office today, I could not get my email. The Internet does not work either. I tried to restart my computer, but that did not help. None of the files that I need are available to me either. It is like someone pulled the plug, but the plug is still there. I need to get some files from my folder that I was working on yesterday. It is very important for me to get my files so that I can send them to my client. I do not know how to get the files or send them because my computer cannot find them. What do I do?

Note: After you have given the level-two tech the problem description, use the Additional Information to answer any follow-up questions the technician may ask.

Additional Information

  • Windows 10
  • The computer has not had any new hardware installed recently.
  • There is no wireless network available at work.
  • The computer detected new hardware at boot-up.
  • The computer could not install new hardware.

Download PDF file:

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