IT Essentials Packet Tracer Labs Answers Manual (ITE v7.01)

IT Essentials v7.0

IT Essentials v7.0 Packet Tracer and Labs Activities Instructions Answers
IT Essentials v7.0 Labs & Packet Tracer (Answers Version)
Packet Tracer - IT Essentials v7 Packet Tracer - Add Computers to an Existing Network Packet Tracer - Connect to a Wireless Network Packet Tracer - Configure Firewall Settings Packet Tracer - Control IoT Devices Packet Tracer - Use Telnet and SSH Packet Tracer - Configure Wireless Security
Labs - IT Essentials v7 Lab – Disassemble a Computer Lab – Install the Power Supply Lab – Install the Motherboard in a Computer Lab – Install the Drives Lab – Install Adapter Card Lab – Install Internal Cables Lab – Install the Front Panel Cables Lab – Complete the Computer Assembly Lab – Investigate BIOS or UEFI Settings Lab – Search for BIOS or UEFI Firmware Updates Lab – Install Windows Lab – Install Third-Party Software in Windows Lab – Ohms Law Lab – Research a Hardware Upgrade Lab – Use a Multimeter and a Power Supply Tester Lab – Troubleshoot Hardware Problems Lab – Build and Test a Network Cable Lab – Configure a NIC to Use DHCP in Windows Lab – Configure a Wireless Network Lab – Configure Firewall Settings Lab – Troubleshoot Network Problems Lab – Mobile Device Information Lab – Research Docking Stations and Port Replicators Lab – Research Laptop Screens Lab – Research Laptop Batteries Lab – Research Laptop Drives Lab – Mobile Wi-Fi Lab – Research Laptop Specifications Lab – Gather Information from the Customer Lab – Investigate Support Websites Lab – Install a Printer in Windows Lab – Share a Printer in Windows Lab – Perform Preventive Maintenance on an Inkjet Printer Lab – Perform Preventive Maintenance on a Laser Printer Lab – Install Linux in a Virtual Machine and Explore the GUI Lab – Create a Partition in Windows Lab – Windows Installation Lab – Finalize the Windows Installation Lab – Explore the Windows Desktop Lab – Work with Task Manager Lab – Working with File Explorer Lab – Explore Control Panel Categories Lab – User Accounts Lab – Configure Browser Settings Lab – Manage Virtual Memory Lab – Use Device Manager Lab – Region and Language Options Lab – Monitor and Manage System Resources Lab – System Utilities Lab – Manage System Files Lab – Hard Drive Maintenance Lab – Install Third-Party Software Lab – Work in the Windows Command Shell Lab – File System Commands Lab – Disk CLI Commands Lab – Task and System CLI Commands Lab – Other Useful Commands Lab – Share Resources Lab – Connect and Test the Wireless Connection Lab – Windows Remote Desktop and Assistance Lab – Manage the Startup Folder Lab – Schedule a Task using the GUI and the Command Line Lab – System Restore and Hard Drive Backup Lab – Troubleshoot Operating System Problems Lab – Working with Android Lab – Working with iOS Lab – Mobile Device Features Lab – Passcode Locks Lab – Troubleshoot Mobile Devices Lab – Bitlocker and Bitlocker To Go Lab – Configure Windows Local Security Policy Lab – Configure Users and Groups in Windows Lab – Configure Windows Firewall Lab – Document Customer Information in a Work Order Lab – Technician Resources Lab – Investigate Breaches of PII, PHI, PCI Lab – Remote Technician – Fix a Hardware Problem Lab – Remote Technician – Fix an Operating System Problem Lab – Remote Technician – Fix a Network Problem Lab – Remote Technician – Fix a Security Problem Lab – Write Basic Scripts in Windows and Linux
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