Lab – BIOS File Search (Answers) Lab – BIOS File Search (Answers)


In this lab, you will identify the current BIOS version, and then search for BIOS update files.

  • Classroom computer with an operating system installed
  • Internet access

Step 1: Boot your computer.

During POST, BIOS information is displayed on the screen for a short period of time. Lab – BIOS File Search (Answers) 3

Do not log on to Windows.

What key or combination of keys is used to run Setup on your computer?

Step 2: Restart your computer and enter Setup.

The BIOS Setup Utility or UEFI screen appears.

Who is the manufacturer of the BIOS?

Which BIOS version is installed in your computer?

Step 3: Search the Internet to find the most current version of BIOS for the motherboard.

Use the information from the previous step to search the Internet to find the most current version of the BIOS for the motherboard in your computer. The following screen is an example of the type of information you would look for to answer the questions below. Lab – BIOS File Search (Answers) 4

Caution: Do not update your BIOS at this time.

What is the current BIOS version available for the motherboard?

What features, if any, have been added to the new BIOS version?

What changes, if any, have been made to the new BIOS version to fix problems?

What are the instructions to update the new BIOS version?

Download Lab – BIOS File Search .PDF file:

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