Lab – Troubleshoot Network Problems (Answers) Lab – Troubleshoot Network Problems (Answers)


In this lab, you will diagnose the causes and solve the network problems.

  • Two computers running Windows
  • A wireless router
  • Two Ethernet cables
  • Internet access


You must solve network problems for a customer. You may need to troubleshoot both the router and two computers. Make sure you document and solve the problems, and then document the solutions.

There are several possible errors. Solve one problem at a time until you can successfully establish a connection between the two computers.

To better identify which steps should be done on which computer, the lab will refer to them as computer01, computer02, or both.

Step 1: Log on to the computers.

a. List the computer name used for computer01 and computer02. Use these names whenever the lab refers to computer01 and computer02.

Computer01 name: ____________________________________
Computer02 name: ____________________________________

b. Log on to computer01 with an account that has administrative privileges.

c. Click Start > Computer > Network.

If computer02 is available, double-click computer02. Did the connection open?

Step 2: Troubleshoot network problems.

Use a command prompt to display IP address information, open the network control panel and review the adapter configuration, and log on to the router and review all of the configuration options to troubleshoot the router or computers for problems. Answer the following questions after each problem is solved.

a. What problem did you find?

b. What steps did you take to determine the problem?

c. What is causing the problem?

d. List the steps taken to fix the problem.

e. If you can see computer02, what is the name of shared folder?

Open the text file in the shared folder. What does the hidden message say?

f. If you opened and recorded the message from the shared folder, you have successfully solved all networking problems. Hand the lab in to your instructor.

Download Lab – Troubleshoot Network Problems .PDF file:

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