Lab – Perform Preventive Maintenance on a Laser Printer (Answers) Lab – Perform Preventive Maintenance on a Laser Printer

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In this lab, you will perform preventive maintenance on a laser printer.

Note: The lab instructions are for general reference only. Refer to the manufacturer’s printer manual for instructions to perform preventive maintenance on your laser printer model.

  • 1 laser printer
  • Printer manual or Internet access to view the printer manual


Step 1: Locate the printer manual.

The printer manual may be provided by your instructor or navigate to the printer manufacturer’s web site to download a copy of the printer manual for your printer model.

Step 2: Replace the toner cartridge.

a. Check that power is off.

b. Open the cartridge access door.

c. Lift up the toner cartridge and remove it from the slot.

d. Remove the new cartridge from the packaging.

e. You may need to shake the toner cartridge a few times to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge.

f. Remove any tabs, sealing tapes, or drum protective covers as necessary.

g. Place the new cartridge in the slot and carefully press the cartridge into place.

h. When all the cartridges have been replaced, close the cartridge access door.

Step 3: Replace the fuser unit.

a. Turn off the printer and make sure it is cool before proceeding.

b. Open the access door to the fuser unit.

c. Grab the handle of the fuser unit and remove it from the printer. CAUTION: IT MAY BE HOT.

d. Remove the new fuser from its packaging and replace the fuser.

e. Close the access door.

Step 4: Replace rollers.

If after changing the paper it is not feeding properly, the paper path rollers may be dirty.

a. Turn off the printer.

b. Pull out the paper tray.

c. Locate the rollers.

d. Wipe the rollers with clean dampened cloth or replace them.

e. Push in the paper tray.

Reflection Question

Refer to the printer manual. What other preventive maintenance can be performed for the printer?
Answers will vary. Some of the examples are: replace the photoconductor unit and replace the waste toner collector.

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