IT Essentials v7.01 Chapter 2 Quiz Answers

1. Refer to the exhibit. A technician is installing a second SATA hard drive. Which section of the motherboard will be used to connect the SATA cable?

IT Essentials v7.01 Chapter 1 Quiz Answers Q1

IT Essentials v7.01 Chapter 1 Quiz Answers Q1

  • section B
  • section C
  • section D
  • section A

Explanation: SATA ports on the motherboard are commonly positioned away from all of the other ports. SATA ports are small and grouped together.

2. What should a technician do before working on a computer?

  • Remove any watch and jewelry.
  • Check the surrounding area for trip hazards.
  • Ensure that the computer is free of viruses.
  • Remove all cables except the power cable.

Explanation: Before working on equipment remove all watches or other jewelry and secure loose items such as ties and name badges.

3. Which type of media card is an older format, but is still used in video cameras?

  • microSD
  • xD
  • miniSD
  • CompactFlash

Explanation: CompactFlash is still used in video cameras because of its high speed and high capacity.

4. What is a possible hardware upgrade that can be used to add more storage space to a modern smartphone?

  • CompactFlash
  • USB flash drive
  • microSD
  • hard disk

Explanation: Because of the size of cellular phones, a very small storage device such as a microSD card is desirable. CompactFlash is an older form of storage device; it is is too large for a cellular phone but it is widely used in cameras and video recorders because of its large capacity and fast access speed. Similarly, USB flash drives and hard disk drives are too large for a cellular phone.

5. A technician is being asked to move a heavy industrial printer. Which safety technique is recommended for this situation?

  • Use a pulley.
  • Remove paper and all sources of ink before moving.
  • Bend at the knees when lifting.
  • Wear safety goggles.

Explanation: The job description of a technician commonly lists the need for being able to lift 40 pounds. When lifting heavy objects, it is important to bend at the knees to avoid back injuries.

6. Refer to the exhibit. Which front panel connector commonly has nine or ten pins arranged in two rows?

IT Essentials v7.01 Chapter 1 Quiz Answers Q3

IT Essentials v7.01 Chapter 1 Quiz AnswersQ3

  • power LED
  • USB
  • power button
  • drive activity LED

Explanation: The USB front panel connector commonly consists of nine or ten pins arranged in two rows. It can also have four or five pins or individual groups of four or five pins.

7. What are two reasons someone might upgrade a NIC? (Choose two.)

  • to increase bandwidth
  • to implement a RAID
  • to import videos
  • to have a higher sample rate
  • to have wireless connectivity

Explanation: A network interface card (NIC) upgrade might be done to provide wireless connectivity or to increase bandwidth.

8. A technician needs to buy a replacement adapter for a department computer. Which type of adapter requires the technician to consider a DSP?

  • storage
  • graphics
  • capture
  • sound

Explanation: Factors to consider when buying a sound card include the slot type, digital signal processor (DSP), port and connection types, as well as the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

9. What should be done prior to the installation of RAM onto the motherboard?

  • Consult the motherboard documentation or website of the manufacturer to ensure that the RAM is compatible with the motherboard.
  • Change the voltage selector to meet with the voltage specification of the RAM.
  • Populate the center memory slots first before inserting the new RAM.
  • Ensure the memory expansion slot tabs are in the locked position before inserting the RAM module.

Explanation: Before you install a memory module it is important to verify that there are no compatibility issues. ADDR3 RAM module will not fit in a DDR2 slot. Verification isbest doneby consulting the motherboard documentation or checking on the website of the manufacturer.

10. The following parts were ordered by someone building a personal computer:
1 – AMD 3.7 GHz
2 – Gigawhiz GA-A239VM (does not include USB 3.1 front panel connectors)
3 – HorseAir DDR3 8 GB
4 – ATX with up to three 3.5″ drive bays
5 – Eastern Divide 1TB 7200 RPM
6 – Zoltz 550W
What is the significance of the 550W in the 6th item (Zoltz 550W)?

  • RAM speed
  • output power
  • input power
  • motherboard speed

Explanation: 550W describes the output power for a power supply.

11. True or False?
When installing a hard drive, it is recommended that you hand-tighten drive mounting screws prior to using a screwdriver.

  • false
  • true

Explanation: When installing a hard drive, slightly hand-tighten all the screws to make installation of all screws easier. Do not over tighten the screws when using the screwdriver.

12. Which SATA internal hard drive form factor is most often used in a tower computer?

  • 3.5 inch (8.9 cm)
  • 2.25 inch (5.7 cm)
  • 2.5 inch (6.4 cm)
  • 5.25 inch (13.3 cm)

Explanation: Two form factors used with internal SATA hard drives are the 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) and the 2.5 inch (6.4 cm) with the majority of them being 3.5 inch.

13. Which adapter card in a PC would provide data fault tolerance?

  • SD card
  • I/O card
  • RAID card
  • capture card

Explanation: A RAID controller controls the expansion of internal and external drives as well as providing fault tolerance for storage devices. The I/O card allows additional I/O ports to be added to a computer. A capture card imports video information into a computer and records it to the storage device. SD storage cards are a form of removable storage used widely in portable devices.

14. Which two pieces of information are needed before selecting a power supply? (Choose two.)

  • the voltage requirements of peripheral devices
  • the installed operating system
  • the form factor of the case
  • the total wattage of all components
  • the type of CPU

Explanation: When building a computer, select a power supply with sufficient wattage to power all the components. Each component inside the computer uses a certain amount of power. Obtain the wattage information for the components from the manufacturer documentation. When deciding on a power supply, make sure to choose a power supply that has more than enough power for the current components.
The shape of the computer case is usually determined by the motherboard, power supply, and other internal components.

15. The bus is a collection of wires thorough which data travels from one part of a computer to another. What are the two parts of the bus? (Choose two.)

  • data bus
  • control bus
  • expansion bus
  • address bus

Explanation: The data portion of the bus, known as the data bus, carries data between the computer components. The address portion, known as the address bus, carries the memory addresses of the locations where data is read or written by the CPU.

16. The front-side bus (FSB) is the path between the CPU and the _________?

  • Northbridge
  • power button
  • Southbridge
  • system clock

Explanation: The front-side bus (FSB) is the path between the CPU and the Northbridge. It is used to connect various components, such as the chipset, expansion cards, and RAM. Data can travel in both directions across the FSB.

17. What is the name for the specialized memory chips with a control chip built into the module that is used for servers and high-end workstations that use a large amount of RAM?

  • unbuffered memory
  • buffered memory
  • ECC memory
  • nonvolatile memory

Explanation: Buffered memory is specialized memory for servers and high-end workstations that use a large amount of RAM. Unbuffered memory is regular memory for computers. With unbuffered memory, the computer reads data directly from the memory banks, which makes it faster than buffered memory. Buffered memory chips have a control chip built into the module. The control chip assists the memory controller in managing large quantities of RAM. Avoid buffered RAM for gaming computers and average workstations because the extra controller chip reduces RAM speed.

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