Lab – Research Laptop Batteries (Answers) Lab – Research Laptop Batteries (Answers)

In this lab, you will use the Internet, newspaper, or a local store to gather information and then record the specifications for a laptop battery.

Answers Note: You may choose another laptop battery to research. The answers below are specific to the Lenovo T440p.

1. List the specifications for a laptop battery. Please ask your instructor for the laptop model to research.
The battery included with the T440p is a standard 6-Cell Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.
Li-ion 6-Cell Battery Pack (10.8V / 4.8AH) P/N: 92P1089
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Depending on usage, the IBM 6-Cell battery will operate approximately 4 hours. If you need more battery life, you can buy an extended life 9-Cell battery.

2. Shop around, and in the table below list the features and cost for a generic and a laptop battery from the manufacturer of the laptop.

Battery Specifications Generic Manufacturer
Output voltage 10.8V 10.8 V
Battery cell configuration ex: 6-Cell, 9-Cell 6-Cell 9-Cell (57++)
6-Cell (57+)
Dimensions 6-Cell: 20.1 mm (0.8 in) x 206.2 mm (8.12 in) x 51.5 mm (2.03 in) 9 cell: 20.1 mm (0.79 in) x 218.5 mm (8.60 in) x 74.2 mm (2.92 in)
6-Cell: 20.1 mm (0.8 in) x 206.2 mm (8.12 in) x 51.5 mm (2.03 in)
Hours of life 2-3 hours for 6-Cell 13+ hours for 9-Cell
7+ hours for 6-Cell
Approxmate cost $130 for 6-Cell $159 for 9-Cell
$139 for 6-Cell

3. Based on your research, which battery would you select? Be prepared to discuss your decisions regarding the battery you select.
Student may choose an extended life battery, but must be prepared to explain the decision.

Download Lab – Research Laptop Batteries .PDF file:

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