Lab – Research Laptop Hard Drives (Answers) Lab – Research Laptop Hard Drives (Answers)

In this lab, you will use the Internet, newspaper, or a local store to gather information about hard drives for a laptop.

Answers Note: You may choose another laptop to research. The answers below are specific to the Lenovo T440p.

1. Research the manufacturer specifications for the hard drive in the laptop. List the specifications in the table below:

Hard Drive Specifications Hard Drive
Form Factor 2.5”
Type Magnetic
Size (GB) 500 GB
Port Type SATA
Drive Speed 7200 RPM

2. Shop around, and in the table below list the features and costs of two replacement hard drives for a laptop.

Hard Drive Specifications Replacement Hard Drive #1 Replacement Hard Drive #2
Form Factor 2.5” 2.5”
Type Magnetic SSD
Size (GB) 750 GB 256 GB
Manufacturer Western Digital Samsung
Retail Cost $59 $139

3. In your research, did you find any reason to select a particular hard drive over another?
Answers will vary based on price, warranty, and preference.

4. Is the new hard drive compatible with other components in the laptop? Why is this important?
Yes. If the hard drive does not have the same form factor, port, or power specifications then it will not function with the other components in the laptop.

Download Lab – Research Laptop Hard Drives .PDF file:

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