Lab – Remote Technician – Fix a Hardware Problem (Answers) Lab – Remote Technician – Fix a Hardware Problem (Answers)


In this lab, you will gather data from the customer, and then instruct the customer to fix a computer that does not boot. Document the customer’s problem in the work order below.

Student Technician Sheet Lab - Remote Technician - Fix a Hardware Problem (Answers) 2

Student Customer Sheet

Use the contact information and problem description below to report the following information to a level-two technician:

Contact Information

Company Name: JH Travel, Inc.
Contact: Dan Handy
Company Address: 204 N. Main Street
Company Phone: 1-866-555-0998

Problem Description

Ok, so I work with cars all the time and I know how they work, but I do not know how my computer works. This morning was pretty slow because I guess more and more people are using those Internet travel sites. So, after my morning coffee, I decided to figure out what makes my computer work. I opened up the case and just started looking at the different things inside. When I put everything back together, everything seemed to fit and I didn’t see any leftover parts. Now it does not work at all. It beeps at me all the time.

Note: After you have given the level-two tech the problem description, use the Additional Information to answer any follow up questions the technician may ask.

Additional Information

  • Windows 7
  • Computer has no new hardware
  • Computer has not been moved recently
  • Except for the beeping, I did not hear any other strange sounds from the computer
  • I do not smell any electronics burning or smoke
  • Computer looks the same as it did yesterday

Download Lab – Remote Technician – Fix a Hardware Problem .PDF file:

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