Lab – Troubleshoot Hardware Problems (Answers) Lab – Troubleshoot Hardware Problems (Answers)


In this lab, you will diagnose the cause of various hardware problems and solve them.

  • A computer with an operating system installed


You must solve hardware problems for a customer. You might also need to troubleshoot hardware connected to the computer. Make sure you document all the problems and the solutions.

There are several possible errors. Follow through the lab, solving one problem at a time until you can successfully start the computers and all devices are fully functional. You may need to ask the instructor for hardware when needed.

Step 1: Start and log in to the computer.

a. Start the computer. Did the computer boot successfully?

b. If the computer started, log on with an account with administrative privileges. Test all internal and external hardware devices. Did all devices operate properly?

c. If the computer successfully started and all devices are fully functional, you have successfully solved all hardware problems. Hand the lab to your instructor.

Step 2: Troubleshoot the hardware problem.

If you could not successfully start the computer and all devices are not fully functional, continue troubleshooting the problem.

Answer the following questions after each problem is solved.

a. What problem did you find?

b. What steps did you take to determine the problem?

c. What is causing the problem?

d. List the steps taken to fix the problem.

Download Lab – Troubleshoot Hardware Problems .PDF file:

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