Lab – Research Laptop Problems (Answers) Lab – Research Laptop Problems (Answers)

Laptops often use proprietary parts. To find information about the replacement parts, you may have to research the website of the laptop manufacturer.

Before you begin this lab, you need to know some information about the laptop.

Your instructor will provide you with the following information:

Laptop manufacturer: ____________________________________
Laptop model number: ____________________________________
Amount of RAM: ____________________________________
Size of the hard drive: ____________________________________

Use the Internet to locate the website for the laptop manufacturer. What is the URL for the website?

Locate the service section of the website and look for links that focus on your laptop. It is common for website to allow you to search by the model number. The list below shows common links that you might find, including FAQs, WIKIs, service notices, white papers and blogs.

List the links you found specific to the laptop and include a brief description of the information in that link.

Briefly describe any service notices you found on the website. A service notice example is a driver update, a hardware issue, or a recall notice for a laptop component.

Open forums may exist for your laptop. Use an Internet search engine to locate any open forums that focus on your laptop by typing in the name and model of the laptop. Briefly describe the websites (other than the manufacturer website) that you located.

Download Lab – Research Laptop Problems .PDF file:

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