CCNA Semester 2 v6.0 Study Materials and Labs – Online Course

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CCNA Routing and Switching: Routing and Switching Essentials

In order to avoid potential compatibility issues, you should use the latest version of Packet Tracer.

Chapters Study Materials Packet Tracer Labs Online Assignments
1 Routing Concepts,,,, Assignment
2 Static Routing,,, Assignment
3 Dynamic Routing Assignment
4 Switched Networks Assignment
5 Switch Configuration,,, Assignment
6 VLANs,,,,,,,, Assignment
7 Access Control Lists,,,,, Assignment
8 DHCP, Assignment
9 NAT for IPv4,,,,,, Assignment
10 Device Discovery, Management and Maintenance,,,,, Assignment
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3 years ago

Thank you so – so much!!! I am revising my courseware, after my CCNA cert, but I can’t reach it on official anymore. This is so helpful. If somebody has the same problem, they can find it here. However, official Cisco account allows you to reach the new CCNA v7 courseware as “Alumni”.

Sudeera Seneviratne
Sudeera Seneviratne
4 years ago

When did these are last updated ?