Lab – Document Customer Information in a Work Order (Answers) Lab – Document Customer Information in a Work Order (Answers)


As a help desk technician, it is your job to gather data from the customer to begin the troubleshooting process. As a Level 1 technician, you do not have administrative rights to the customer’s computer. Issues that require administrative rights must be escalated to a Level 2 technician. Use the Customer Information sheet on page 2 or one provided by your Instructor to document the customer’s problem in the work order below. Assign a case number of your choice and set the Priority as a P2 (Significant Issue). Describe the problem and recommend a solution.

Technician Sheet

Company Name: Organization of Associated Chartered Federations, Inc.
Contact: Braxton Jones
Company Address: 123 E. Main Street
Company Phone: 480-555-1234

Generating a New Ticket

Category: Security Status: Open Escalated: Yes
Business Impacting O Yes O No
Summary User is not able to login
Case ID#: Priority:
User Platform: Windows 7

Problem Description:

The user cannot login on multiple computers on the network. The user’s password has probably expired.

Problem Solution:

Escalate the problem to a Level 2 administrator with the rights to reset user passwords.

Answers Note: This Customer Information is just an example. Generate additional scenarios that the student can use to practice filling out work orders. Or divide the students into pairs. Have one student come up with a scenario and the other student document the customer information. Then have the students switch roles.

Customer Information

Use the contact information and problem description below to report the following information to a level-one technician:

Contact Information

Company Name: …..Organization of Associated Chartered Federations, Inc.
Contact: ……………….Braxton Jones

Note: Braxton contributes significantly to the organization’s daily operations.
Company Address:…123 E. Main Street
Company Phone: ….480-555-1234

Problem Description

I am not able to login. I was able to login yesterday and all days previously. I tried to login with a different computer but was unsuccessful there also. I received an email last week about changing my password, but I have not changed my password yet.

Additional Information

  • Windows 7

Download Lab – Document Customer Information in a Work Order .PDF file:

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