Lab – Remote Technician – Fix a Network Problem (Answers) Lab – Remote Technician – Fix a Network Problem (Answers)


In this lab, you will gather data from the customer, and then instruct the customer to fix a computer that does not connect to the network. Document the customer’s problem in the work order below.

Lab Setup

Answers Note: In this lab, the goal is to demonstrate the special skills needed to help a customer fix a computer remotely.

  • On the wireless router, set the “Maximum Number of Users” setting for DHCP to one less than the number of computers connected to the wireless router with Ethernet patch cables.
  • Example: if you connect 4 student computers to each wireless router with Ethernet patch cables, set the “Maximum Number of DHCP Users” to 3. This setting is found under Setup > Basic Setup on the wireless router.
  • Clear the DHCP table on the wireless router so that each computer or mobile device needs to renew the IP address assigned by DHCP.
  • Renew the IP addresses of all of the computers connected to the wireless router except for the computer that will be broken. Validate that the IP addresses fall in the DHCP range of the wireless router.
  • Renew the IP address of the “broken” computer. It will receive a 169.254.x.x address because the DHCP server has no more addresses to assign.

Student Technician Sheet

Company Name: JH Paint Supply
Contact: Jill Henderson
Company Address: 114 W. Main Street
Company Phone: 1-888-555-2143

Generating a New Ticket

Work Order

Category: Network Closure Code: N/A Status: Open
Type: N/A Escalated: Yes Pending: N/A
Item: N/A Pending Until Date: N/A
Business Impacting? Yes No
Summary One computer cannot connect to the Internet, network shares, or network printers.
Case ID#: 50 Connection Type: Wireless
Priority: 2 Environment: N/A
User Platform: Windows 7

Problem Description:

All computers boot up properly. Computer does not connect to shares or the Internet. Computer has not been moved. Cables are securely connected. Link lights are blinking.

Problem Solution:

Verified IP addresses on all computers. Renewed IP address on problem computer. Computer receives a 169.254.x.x IP address. Restarted computer. Restarted wireless router. Verified wireless router settings. Wireless router did not have enough IP addresses allocated to the wireless network in the DHCP scope to accommodate all clients. Changed the DHCP setting on the router back to the default of 50 IP addresses. Computer was shut down and rebooted. Confirmed IP address was in range. Verified connection to shares and Internet.

Student Customer Sheet

Use the contact information and problem description below to report the following information to a level-two technician:

Contact Information

Company Name: JH Paint Supply
Contact: Jill Henderson
Company Address: 114 W. Main Street
Company Phone: 1-888-555-2143

Problem Description

Well, the problem does not always seem to be there. Typically, not all computers on the network are used all of the time, so everything seems to be fine. On some busy days, every computer is being used, and there is always one computer that cannot connect. I cannot figure out what the problem is because it is not usually on the same computer. When a computer cannot make connectivity, I check to make sure all cables and connections are fine.

Note: After you have given the level-two tech the problem description, use the Additional Information to answer any follow up questions the technician may ask.

Additional Information

  • Windows 7
  • Computer has no new hardware
  • Computer has not been moved recently
  • An extra computer was added to the network recently
  • Computer looks the same as it did yesterday
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