Lab – Remote Technician – Fix a Security Problem (Answers) Lab – Remote Technician – Fix a Security Problem (Answers)


You will gather data from the customer to begin the troubleshooting process. You will document the customer’s problem and possible solution in the work order.

Student Technician Sheet Lab - Remote Technician - Fix a Security Problem (Answers) 2

Student Customer Sheet

Use the contact information and problem description below to report the following information to a level-two technician:

Contact Information

Company Name: Smith Lumber Supply
Contact: James Smith
Company Address: 1234 S. Main Street
Company Phone:801-555-1212
Category: Security

Problem Description

You are unable to use your laptop’s wireless connection while at work. The wireless connection works fine at home and the coffee shop downstairs, but for some reason, it will not connect to the wireless anywhere in the office. Since you are unable to access the wireless connection, you have been using the Ethernet cable connection instead. The cable connection is working fine.

Note: After you have given the problem description, use the Additional Information to answer any follow up questions your lab partner may ask.

Additional Information

  • Windows 7
  • Wireless client can see the wireless network
  • My wireless connection worked yesterday at work
  • I can connect using an Ethernet cable
  • My wireless account is in good standing
  • Wireless connection works for other employees
  • I have not made any changes to my wireless security settings• A new wireless router was installed on the network yesterday

Download Lab – Remote Technician – Fix a Security Problem .PDF file:

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