CCNP TSHOOT Chapter 8 Exam Answers (Version 7) – Score 100%

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1. Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true about network

  • It is a static route that is configured on router RTX.
  • It is a summary address that is propagated out the interface of router RTX.
  • The network originated from within the EIGRP autonomous system.
  • It is redistributed into EIGRP from a directly connected router.*

2. Which three pieces of information are found in the BGP neighbor table? (Choose three.)

  • the BGP router ID of any peer *
  • the routes that are redistributed into BGP
  • the peer synchronization configuration
  • the number of exchanged prefixes with a neighbor *
  • the IGP that is configured on the BGP peer
  • the AS number of the peer *

3. Which three pieces of information are found in the BGP table? (Choose three.)

  • BGP attributes that are associated with each route *
  • locally injected routes *
  • routes that are received from peers *
  • metrics of redistributed routes
  • eligibility of route for load balancing
  • BGP router ID

4. Which data structure does an EIGRP enabled router use to track devices from which it receives EIGRP hello packets?

  • neighbor table *
  • routing table
  • interface table
  • Forwarding Information Base
  • topology table

5. Refer to the exhibit. The network engineer determines that RouterHQ1 is not receiving routes from the properly configured router that is connected to interface Serial0/2/0. From the exhibited output, what is the problem?

  • The metric for the route is set too low.
  • The serial0/2/0 interface is not operational.
  • There is no EIGRP network statement for the network.*
  • All networks that are advertised by the neighboring router have been learned from other routers.

6. Refer to the exhibit. What can be determined about the origin of the route to the network?

  • The route is summarized by EIGRP at the advertising router.
  • The route is manually entered.
  • The route is directly connected to RouterHQ2.
  • The route is learned via redistribution into EIGRP.*

7. Refer to the exhibit. Based on the shown output, what is the resulting effect on the routing table?

  • A route to the network /30 will not be added to the routing table.
  • A route to the network /30 will be added to the routing table and have a metric of 1310720.
  • A route to the network /30 will be added to the routing table with an outbound interface of FastEthernet0/0.*
  • A route to the network /30 will be added to the routing table and have an administrative distance of 90.

8. Refer to the exhibit. Router R1 no longer receives routing updates from other EIGRP neighbors. Based on the output in the exhibit, what could be the cause of this problem?

  • Interface FastEthernet 0/0 is administratively shut down.
  • The EIGRP peer has not been configured to support authentication.*
  • There are no valid EIGRP neighbors connected to interface FastEthernet 0/0.
  • Interface FastEthernet 0/0 has not been configured to support authentication.
  • Interface FastEthernet 0/0 has been configured as a passive interface.

9. What would be the result of not setting the seed metric when redistributing routes into EIGRP?

  • The injected routes would have a metric of infinity.*
  • The injected routes would not be installed in the topology table.
  • The injected routes would be preferred over other routes.
  • The injected routes would be summarized into the core area.

10. For incoming BGP updates, which of the following correctly specifies the correct order of application of prefix-lists, as-path access-lists, and route-maps?

  • Prefix-list, Route-map, AS-path access-list *
  • Route-map, prefix-list, AS-path access-list
  • Prefix-list, AS-Path access-list, route-map
  • AS-path access-list, prefixlist, route-map

11. If the state of BGP neighbor relation between two routers is ACTIVE, how should it be interpreted?

  • The local router is awaiting a response from the neighbor for a query sent about a lost path.
  • The router is trying to establish a TCP/BGP session with the neighbor.
  • The neighbor is up and BGP is working.*
  • The local router is actively exchanging updates with the neighbor.

12. A network administrator is troubleshooting the EIGRP configuration on a router. Which command would allow the administrator to display only the EIGRP configuration information in the running configuration file?

  • show runningconfig | include ^router eigrp
  • show runningconfig | include router eigrp
  • show runningconfig | begin router eigrp
  • show runningconfig | section router eigrp *

13. What is true of a switched virtual interface (SVI) on a Layer 3 switch?

  • It is a physical interface in a single VLAN.
  • It provides a default gateway for hosts in a VLAN.*
  • It is created when the associated VLAN is created.
  • It carries traffic for multiple VLANs.

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