Lab – Region and Language Options in Windows 8 (Answers) Lab – Region and Language Options in Windows 8 (Answers)


In this lab, you will examine regional and language settings in Windows 8.

  • A computer running Windows 8

Step 1: Open the Language and Region Tools.

a. Log on to the computer.

b. Click Control Panel > Language.

c. The Language window opens. Click Change date, time, or number formats.

What regional format is being used?
Answers may vary. English (United States)

d. The Region window opens. Select Belarusian (Belarus) from the Format drop-down box. Notice how the formats have changed.

What are the tabs that can be customized?
Formats, Location, Administrative

e. Click Cancel.

Step 2: Add a Keyboard.

a. Click Add a language.

b. The Add a language window opens. Scroll through the list of languages. Notice the changes to the output in the boxes of how data is displayed using different formats.

c. Click Belarusian > Add.

Step 3: Work with the Taskbar Language button.

a. A language button is now displayed on the taskbar. Click the language button.

b. Click Belarusian.

c. Click the Language button again, and change the keyboard back to the default.

Step 4: Remove the Keyboard

a. In the Language window, select the new keyboard and click Remove.

b. Close all open windows.


Why would someone wish to change the input language of the operating system?
Answers may vary. Someone may be bilingual and wish to use a second or third language as the primary source of input. Someone also may not understand the primary input language and wish to use the one that is native to them.

Download Lab – Region and Language Options in Windows 8 .PDF file:

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