5.2.2 Packet Tracer – Troubleshoot EIGRP for IPv6 (Answers)

5.2.2 Packet Tracer – Troubleshoot EIGRP for IPv6 (Answers)


5.2.2 Packet Tracer - Troubleshoot EIGRP for IPv6

5.2.2 Packet Tracer – Troubleshoot EIGRP for IPv6

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Addressing Table

Device Interface IPv6 Address Default Gateway
R1 G0/0 2001:db8:cafe:1::1/64 N/A
S0/0/0 2001:db8:cafe:a001::1/64
S0/0/1 2001:db8:cafe:a003::1/64
Link-local fe80::1
R2 G0/0 2001:db8:cafe:2::1/64 N/A
S0/0/0 2001:db8:cafe:a001::2/64
S0/0/1 2001:db8:cafe:a002::1/64
Link-local fe80::2
R3 G0/0 2001:db8:cafe:3::1/64 N/A
S0/0/0 2001:db8:cafe:a003::2/64
S0/0/1 2001:db8:cafe:a002::2/64
Link-local fe80::3
PC1 NIC 2001:db8:cafe:1::3/64 fe80::1
PC2 NIC 2001:db8:cafe:2::3/64 fe80::2
PC3 NIC 2001:db8:cafe:3::3/64 fe80::3


In this activity, you will troubleshoot EIGRP neighbor issues. Use show commands to identify errors in the network configuration. Then, you will document the errors you discover and implement an appropriate solution. Finally, you will verify full end-to-end connectivity is restored.

Troubleshooting Process

1. Use testing commands to discover connectivity problems in the network and document the problem in the Documentation Table.

2. Use verification commands to discover the source of the problem and devise an appropriate solution to implement. Document the proposed solution in the Documentation Table.

3. Implement each solution one at a time and verify if the problem is resolved. Indicate the resolution status in the Documentation Table.

4. If the problem is not resolved, it may be necessary to first remove the implemented solution before returning to Step 2.

5. Once all identified problems are resolved, test for full end-to-end connectivity.


Locate and address communication problems in the network by using the appropriate EIGRP for IPv6 show commands. Document your findings in the table below. Propose and implement solutions for the problems. Finally, indicate in the Documentation Table whether the problem has been resolved.

Documentation Table

Device Identified Problem Reason Proposed Solution Resolved?
R1 No IPv6 routes have been learned from other routers and there are no neighbor adjacencies. EIGRP for IPv6 is shutdown Issue the no shutdown command under the EIGRP for IPv6 routing process.
R1 After the routing process is started, there is no adjacency with router R3 The S0/0/1 interface is configured in the wrong EIGRPv6 process. Configure the interface in ipv6 eigrp 1.
R2 No neighbor adjacency with router R3. The S0/0/1 interface has not been configured to participate in EIGRP in IPv6 routing. Configure the interface with EIGRPv6.

Answer Scripts

Router R1

configure terminal
ipv6 router eigrp 1
 no shutdown
interface s0/0/1
 no ipv6 eigrp 2
 ipv6 eigrp 1

Router R2

configure terminal
interface s0/0/1
 ipv6 eigrp 1

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