Chapter 12: Quiz – Advanced BGP (Answers) CCNPv8 ENCOR

13. Each line in the diagram represents a single connection from a user AS to an ISP AS. In which multihomed configuration is it necessary, if not required, to use BGP to exchange routing information?

Chapter 12: Quiz - Advanced BGP (Answers) CCNPv8 ENCOR 1

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Explanation: BGP should be used when multihomed or connected to multiple autonomous systems.

14. Which three options are well-known BGP community sets? (Choose three.)

  • Internet
  • Test_Only
  • No_Export
  • No_Transit
  • Transit_Only
  • No_Advertise

Explanation: Three common well-known communities are as follows:

  • Internet: This is a standardized community for identifying routes that should be advertised on the Internet.
  • No_Advertise: Routes with this community should not be advertised to any BGP peer (IBGP or EBGP).
  • No_Export: When a route with this community is received, the route is not advertised to any EBGP peer. Routes with this community can be advertised to IBGP peers.

15. A network administrator is configuring a prefix list with the command

ipv6 prefix-list IPV6-1 seq 5 permit 2001:db8:abcd:20::/59 ge 62

Which network matches the prefix match specification?

  • 2001:db8:ab:20::/62
  • 2001:db8:abcd:2::/59
  • 2001:db8:abcd:36::/62
  • 2001:db8:abcd:60::/64

Explanation: The prefix matching logic works exactly the same for IPv6 networks as for IPv4 networks. The third hexadecimal group of the match specification is 0x0020, which is 00000000 00100000 in binary. To match /59 prefix length, the third hexadecimal group of a network must match 00000000 001, that is, between 0x0020 and 0x003F. The prefix length must be /62 or higher.

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