Packet Tracer – Test Connectivity with Traceroute Instructions Answers


Packet Tracer – Testing Connectivity with Traceroute


Part 1: Test End-to-End Connectivity with the tracert Command

Part 2: Compare to the traceroute Command on a Router


This activity is designed to help you troubleshoot network connectivity issues using commands to trace the route from source to destination. You are required to examine the output of tracert (the Windows command) and traceroute (the IOS command) as packets traverse the network and determine the cause of a network issue. After the issue is corrected, use the tracert and traceroute commands to verify the completion.

Part 1: Test End-to-End Connectivity with the tracert Command

Step 1: Send a ping from one end of the network to the other end.

Click PC1 and open the Command Prompt. Ping PC3 at What message is displayed as a result of the ping?  Destination host unreachable

Step 2: Trace the route from PC1 to determine where in the path connectivity fails.

a. From the Command Prompt of PC1, enter the tracert command.

b. When you receive the Request timed out message, press Ctrl+C. What was the first IP address listed in the tracert output?—the gateway address of the PC

c. Observe the results of the tracert command. What is the last address reached with the tracert command?

Step 3: Correct the network problem.

a. Compare the last address reached with the tracert command with the network addresses listed on the topology. The furthest device from the host with an address in the network range found is the point of failure. What devices have addresses configured for the network where the failure occurred?  RouterB and RouterC

b. Click RouterC and then the CLI tab. What is the status of the interfaces?  They appear to be up and active.

c. Compare the IP addresses on the interfaces with the network addresses on the topology. Does there appear to be anything extraordinary?  The Serial 0/0/0 interface has an incorrect IP address based on the topology

d. Make the necessary changes to restore connectivity; however, do not change the subnets. What is solution?  Change the IP address on S0/0/0 to

Step 4: Verify that end-to-end connectivity is established.

a. From the PC1 Command Prompt, enter the tracert command.

b. Observe the output from the tracert command. Was the command successful?  Yes

Part 2: Compare to the traceroute Command on a Router

a. Click RouterA and then the CLI tab.

b. Enter the traceroute command. Did the command complete successfully?  Yes

c. Compare the output from the router traceroute command with the PC tracert command. What is noticeably different about the list of addresses returned?  The router has one less IP address because it will be using RouterB as the next device along the path.

Suggested Scoring Rubric


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