IT Essentials (ITE v5.0 & v5.02) Chapters 1-6 Checkpoint Exam Answers 100% 2019

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1. Which wireless security procedure should be used to hide the WLAN ID from wireless clients?

  • Configure WEP only on the access point.
  • Disable the broadcast of the SSID on the access point.*
  • Decrease the antenna spectrum on each wireless client.
  • Configure MAC address filtering on the access point.
  • Install WAP on the wireless clients.

2. When upgrading a CPU, what must be applied between the new CPU and the heat sink/fan?

  • Adhesive gel or paste
  • Penetrating oil
  • Thermal compound*
  • Lubricating grease

3. After a Windows operating system has been installed, which program would a technician use to select the programs that will run at startup?

  • Task Manager
  • Msconfig*
  • Ntldr
  • Regedit

4. What is the default file system used during a fresh installation of Windows 7?

  • FAT32
  • FAT16
  • HPFS
  • NTFS*

5. Which type of device would be used on a laptop to verify the identity of a user?

  • A biometric identification device*
  • A MIDI device
  • A touch screen
  • A digitizer

6. What can a technician do to help protect wireless network equipment from the effects of RFI?

  • Lower the humidity level.
  • Keep the equipment plugged into a surge protector.
  • Keep the equipment on an antistatic mat.
  • Remove cordless telephones from the area.*

7. What are two consequences of setting an incorrect boot order in the system BIOS? (Choose two.)

  • The computer displays an ‘Inaccessible Boot Device’ error after POST.
  • The computer displays an ‘Invalid Boot Disk’ error after POST.*
  • The computer continually restarts without displaying the desktop.
  • The computer displays a ‘Missing NTLDR’ error after POST.*
  • The computer locks up without any error messages.

8. A network technician has been asked to determine the best Internet connection for a branch office located in a new metropolitan office building. Which connection would provide the highest bandwidth and reliability at the lowest cost?

  • ISDN
  • DSL*
  • Dial-up
  • Satellite

9. Why does a technician wear an antistatic wrist strap?

  • To prevent damage to electronic components inside the computer*
  • To be grounded while working on the computer
  • To keep sensitive computer components dust-free before installation
  • To use the power supply of the computer to store static electricity

10. When installing a network adapter into a client computer, a technician notices that the contacts on the adapter need to be cleaned. Which solution should the technician use to clean the contact?

  • Glass cleaner
  • Slightly abrasive cleanser
  • Mild detergent
  • Isopropyl alcohol*

11. Which location on a hard disk is used by the BIOS to search for operating system instructions in order to boot a PC?

  • The Windows partition
  • The logical drive
  • The active partition*
  • The extended partition

12. A technician is troubleshooting a computer that is experiencing hardware failure detected by the BIOS. What is one way this failure is indicated?

  • The computer returns an error message that indicates the I/O address of the failing device.
  • The computer automatically boots into Safe Mode and displays a warning on the screen.
  • The computer emits a pattern of beeps indicating the failing device.*
  • The screen flashes with a red background and displays a warning message.

IT Essentials (ITE v5.0 & v5.02) Chapters 1-6 Checkpoint Exam Answers 100% 2019 1
Refer to the exhibit. Which two port types are shown in the graphic?

  • USB*
  • Parallel
  • Serial
  • Network*
  • Modem

14. What is the purpose of RAID adapters?

  • To provide enhanced audio and graphic capabilities
  • To connect multiple storage devices for redundancy or speed*
  • To allow older PCI technology expansion slots to be used
  • To connect peripheral devices to a PC to improve performance

15. A technician has installed a new sound card in a PC but it is not operating correctly. Where should the technician look to investigate driver problems?

  • My computer
  • Computer Management
  • Device Manager*
  • System Tools

16. After a computer is powered on, Windows 7 fails to start. What initial procedure would a technician use to deal with this failure?

  • Boot from a Windows 7 installation media and access the System Restore utility.*
  • Access the Control Panel and choose Restore Files from Backup from the System and Security menu.
  • Create a System Repair Disc and restore the image.
  • Press the F2 key during the boot process and start the computer is Safe Mode.

17. A technician wants to create a new partition on a new additional hard drive. Which tool should be used?

  • Disk Management*
  • Scandisk
  • Disk Defragmenter
  • Device Manager
  • Chdsk

18. A technician notices that an application is not responding to commands and that the computer seems to respond slowly when applications are opened. What is the best administrative tool to force the release of system resources from the unresponsive application?

  • System Restore
  • Event Viewer
  • Task Manager*
  • Add or Remove Programs

19. Which key or key sequence pressed during the boot process will allow a user to start a Windows PC using the last known good configuration?

  • Windows key
  • F12
  • Alt-Z
  • F1
  • F8*

20. Which Windows hard drive partition is commonly referred to as the C: drive?

  • The first primary partition*
  • The first extended partition
  • The first logical partition
  • The first volume partition

21. A technician needs to purchase a new video adapter for a computer. In addition to performance and price, which factor should be considered when selecting the adapter?

  • Type of installed hard drive
  • Motherboard manufacturer
  • Expansion slot type*
  • Amount of installed system memory

22. A computer user complains of a computer that freezes up after about five minutes of use. The technician checks the computer BIOS to see if there might be a configuration problem that is causing the computer to behave consistently in this manner. While the technician is reviewing the information, the computer once again freezes. What is the probable cause of the computer problem?

  • The CPU fan is not functioning.*
  • The BIOS is corrupt.
  • The hard drive is failing.
  • The CMOS battery has failed.

23. A technician has replaced the batteries in all the company laptops. Which source will have information on the proper disposal requirements for the old batteries?

  • OSHA web site
  • MSDS
  • The website of the laptop manufacturer
  • Local environmental regulations*

24. Where would a technician configure a PC to boot from a CD-ROM?

  • Control Panel
  • My Computer
  • BIOS Settings*
  • Start Menu
  • Device Manager

25. A technician just terminated some fiber optic cable and needs to properly dispose of the hazardous waste created during the termination. Where should the technician look for the proper disposal method for the waste?

  • ESD
  • EPA
  • MSDS*
  • FEMA

26. A school is adding computers to a classroom that has none. What type of LAN would the school choose to take advantage of commonly implemented wired technologies?

  • Token Ring
  • 802.11n
  • Ethernet*
  • WiMAX

27. A customer has a computer for a home business, but wants to have another computer as a web server. What would be the best solution for the customer to share the monitor, mouse, and keyboard between the two computers?

  • multipurpose device
  • access point
  • KVM switch*
  • network switch
  • USB hub

28. What is the default TCP destination port number or number combination that is used for SSH connections?

  • 20/21
  • 22*
  • 23
  • 25
  • 80

29. A technician installed a network adapter in a computer and wants to test network connectivity. The ping command can receive responses from workstations on the same subnet but not from remote workstations. What could be causing the problem?

  • The NIC driver is out of date.
  • The default gateway is incorrect.*
  • The operating system is not compatible with the remote sites.
  • The TCP/IP protocol stack is not loaded.

30. Which product is recommended to remove the dust from inside a computer?

  • compressed air*
  • household vacuum cleaner
  • damp cloth
  • dry cloth

31. Which command should a computer technician use on a PC to restore protected system files with known good versions?

  • defrag
  • chkdsk
  • sfc/scannow*
  • msconfig

32. The current IP configuration of a medium size company with several subnets is done manually and is time-consuming. Because of increased network growth, a technician needs a simpler way for IP configuration of workstations. Which service or protocol would simplify the workstation IP configuration task?

  • ICMP
  • DNS
  • DHCP*

33. What are the four layers in the TCP/IP reference model?

  • application, presentation, internet, network access
  • application, transport, internet, data link
  • application, transport, internet, network access*
  • application, presentation, session, transport
  • physical, data link, internet, transport

34. A PC that running the Windows 7 operating system has slowed down over a period of time and now takes a long time to launch applications and open various documents. What can be done to remedy the problem?

  • Dr. Watson
  • System Restore
  • Disk Defragmenter*
  • Chkdsk

35. A computer is assigned an IP address of What can be said about the computer, based on the assigned address?

  • it cannot communicate outside its own network.*
  • it has a public IP address that has been translated to a private IP address.
  • it can communicate on the local network as well as on the Internet.
  • it can communicate with networks inside a particular company with subnets.

36. A user complains about being unable to connect to the wireless network. Which two actions should be part of troubleshooting the wireless connection? (Choose two.)

  • Verify in the laptop software whether any wireless networks are detected.*
  • Verify that the laptop is plugged into an electrical outlet.
  • Reconfigure TCP/IP settings on the laptop.
  • Try moving the laptop to different places to see if a signal can be detected.*
  • Reinsert the laptop battery.

37. Which recommendation should be observed when replacing existing memory?

  • The new memory should exceed the capacity of the hard drive.
  • The new memory should operate at the same speed as the hard drive.
  • The new memory should be as fast or faster than existing memory.*
  • The new memory should be as fast or faster as the cache found in the processor.

38. A network specialist has been hired to install a network in a company that assembles airplane engines. Because of the nature of the business, the area is highly affected by electromagnetic interference. Which type of network media should be recommended so that the data communication will not be affected by EMI?

  • coaxial
  • STP
  • fiber optic*
  • UTP

39. A company is expanding its business to other countries. All branch offices must remain connected to corporate headquarters at all times. Which network technology is required to support this scenario?

  • LAN
  • WLAN
  • MAN
  • WAN*

40. Which step in the troubleshooting process is important to help avoid repeating repair processes that were performed previously?

  • implementation of the solution
  • documentation of the problem and its solution*
  • preparation of a plan of action
  • identification of the problem

41. Which two connectors are DVI connectors? (Choose two.)

IT Essentials (ITE v5.0 & v5.02) Chapters 1-6 Checkpoint Exam Answers 100% 2019 2

42. What are three main characteristics of a Windows 64-bit operating system?

  • The 64-bit operating system memory management system enhances program performance.*
  • The 64-bit operating system can recognize more than 128 GB of RAM.*
  • The 64-bit operating system has fewer registers to manage applications.
  • The 64-bit operating system has additional security features.*
  • The 64-bit operating system has a built-in virtualization mode.
  • The 64-bit operating system runs on a RISC chip architecture.

43. What is an example of PC virtualization?

  • sharing video and music files in a homegroup network
  • running an instance of Windows Vista from inside a Windows 7 OS*
  • configuring a small network to allow an application to be accessed by other PCs in the office
  • setting up a peer-to-peer network so that a laser printer can be accessed by all workstations

44. A specific computer has an issue that could not be resolved by the help desk technician. The on-site technician finds that Windows updates have been disabled. The technician re-enables the update service, configures the computer for automatic updates, downloads and installs all missing updates, ensures the computer boots successfully, and verifies with the customer that the issue has been resolved. Which step, if any, is next?

  • Document the findings, actions, and outcomes.*
  • Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution.
  • Verify full system functionality and, if applicable, implement preventive measures.
  • Test the theory to determine the cause.
  • No further action needed.

45. A technician is designing a hardware preventive maintenance plan for a company. Which strategy should be included in the plan?

  • Omit performing maintenance operations on components until the equipment malfunction.
  • Schedule and document routine maintenance tasks.*
  • Avoid performing maintenance operations on plug and play devices that are controlled by the operating system.
  • Only clean equipment that is requested by the customer.

46. A helpdesk technician takes a call, “Good morning, this is the helpdesk. My name is Greg. How may I help you today?” The frantic caller states, “My computer will not turn on and I have a presentation in 15 minutes.” The technician responds, “Now calm down and let us see what we can do.” The technician then proceeds to lead the caller through the process of checking power cables and power lights. Which troubleshooting step is being used at this point?

  • Identify the problem.*
  • Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem.
  • Implement a solution.
  • Verify full system functionality and, if applicable, implement preventive measures.
  • Establish a theory of probable cause.

47. On a computer that will not boot, which two actions are recommended in the troubleshooting process after verifying the obvious issues such as power to the computer and display, non-bootable media, and the BIOS boot order options? (Choose two.)

  • Reinstall the operating system.
  • Remove unnecessary peripherals.*
  • Replace computer components one at a time until the problem is solved.
  • Reset the BIOS settings to factory default.
  • Use the Last Known Good Configuration.*
  • Reinstall the user applications.

48. Which type of standard interface allows users to connect and disconnect peripheral devices while the computer is running without having to restart?

  • PATA
  • SATA
  • USB*
  • IDE

49. What is the most important reason for the company that the preventive maintenance be done?

  • Preventive maintenance helps to protect the computer equipment against future problems.*
  • Preventive maintenance enables the IT manager to check on the location and state of the computer assets.
  • Preventive maintenance provides an opportunity for junior technicians to obtain more experience in a non-threatening or problem.
  • Preventive maintenance allows the IT department to regularly monitor the contents of user hard drives to ensure computer use policies are being followed.

50. What is the distance limitation of a single data run for UTP cabling without adding networking devices?

  • 33 ft (10 m)
  • 100 ft (31 m)
  • 330 ft (100 m)*
  • 500 ft (154 m)
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