Get Connected Module 5 Test Answers

1. Why should a user seek support when troubleshooting a computer problem is beyond his or her technical knowledge?

  • To learn and be able to solve the problem independently if it happens again
  • To spend as little money as possible
  • So as to avoid risk to the user and the machine
  • To prevent the problem from spreading throughout the media

2. Amanda wants to send an email to John, but her Internet connection is not working. What should she do to try to solve the problem?

  • Check if she entered her login and password information correctly
  • Restart the modem
  • Change her Internet provider
  • Create a new email account

3. What might be a possible reason for a computer to be operating slowly and crashing?

  • Poor connection with the power outlet
  • Poor connection with the VGA cable
  • Wear on the motherboard battery
  • Processor overheating

4. Which two of the following actions should a user take when a printer does not print a document? (Choose two.)

  • Check if the data cable is securely connected
  • Resend the job to print
  • Tap on the side of the printer to release the head
  • Check if the printer’s driver is properly installed
  • Clean the printer with a damp cloth to remove dirt

5. A user tries to open a movie in Windows Media Player but no image is displayed, and only audio plays. Which software must be installed on the computer?

  • Adobe Reader
  • Flash plug-in
  • Codec
  • Anti-virus
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