Get_Connected (Version 1.1) – Get Connected EOC Assessment* Answers

1. Company ABC is buying computers for board members. They need mobility, lightness and long battery life. The software to be used needs a mouse and keyboard. Which purchase option meets all the requirements?

  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Ultrabook
  • Desktop

2. A computer is made up of hardware and software. What is the respective definition of each?

  • Storage and processing components
  • Electronic components and programs
  • Machines and users
  • Input and output devices

3. Please look at the image. Which two options correspond to the types of components shown? (Choose two.)
Get_Connected (Version 1.1) - Get Connected EOC Assessment* Q3

  • Processing components
  • Output components
  • Parallel ports
  • Input components
  • Storage components

4. Please look at the image. Various ports of a computer are shown. Which ports can connect to a variety of devices?
Get_Connected (Version 1.1) - Get Connected EOC Assessment* 4

  • Port 2
  • Port 4
  • Port 1
  • Port 3

5. Amanda needs to suggest a printer with low-power consumption to her father so that he can print spreadsheets, graphics and photos on a small scale at home. What type of printer will meet her father’s needs?

  • Plotter
  • Dot matrix
  • Laser
  • Ink jet

6. Which is the first software that must be installed on a computer after hardware installation?

  • Games
  • Text editor
  • Operating system
  • Anti-virus
  • Internet

7. John wants to know the amount of RAM memory installed on his computer. In which category of the Windows 7 Control Panel can this information be found?

  • Appearance and Personalization
  • System and Security
  • Network and Internet
  • Hardware and Sounds
  • Clock, Language and Region

8. A technician just installed Windows 7 on his computer. Which two steps should the technician take next for computer security? (Choose two.)

  • Install and update an anti-virus and antispyware program
  • Disable the automatic updates of Windows
  • Install at least three toolbars in the browsers
  • Ensure that the Windows Firewall is enabled
  • Install Acrobat Reader

9. Which three options are computer keys that do nothing until they are combined with other keys? (Choose three.)

  • Backspace
  • Caps Lock
  • Ctrl
  • Alt
  • Esc
  • Shift

10. Please look at the image. What are the respective functions of buttons 1, 2 and 3 in the upper right corner of the window in Windows 7?
Get_Connected (Version 1.1) - Get Connected EOC Assessment* 10

  • Move, switch and resize the window
  • Suspend, hibernate and shut off the window
  • Minimize, maximize and close the window
  • Underline, square and delete the window
  • Insert characters “_”, “█” and “X” in the window

11. Amanda sent John an email with an attachment, called adivinhe.doc . What software did Amanda use to generate this document?

  • Text editor
  • Image editor
  • Audio editor
  • Presentation editor
  • Spreadsheet

12. What is the default name assigned by Windows 7 to newly created folders?

  • Folder new
  • Unnamed
  • New folder
  • New
  • Folder

13. What do you need to do in Windows 7 Wordpad before applying a format to a sentence?

  • The left mouse button should be clicked over the sentence.
  • The sentence must be selected.
  • The document must be saved.
  • The spelling of the sentence should be checked.

14. Please look at the image. Computers PC1 and PC2 are connected in a LAN and routers R1 and R2 are connected through a WAN. Which are the two correct statements about this situation? (Choose two.).
Get_Connected (Version 1.1) - Get Connected EOC Assessment* 14

  • The connection between R1 and R2 is generally slower than the connection between PC1 and PC2.
  • The Internet is an example of a WAN.
  • The LAN shown generally covers large geographical distances.
  • The connection between PC1 and PC2 is generally slower than the connection between R1 and R2.
  • The WAN shown generally covers a limited geographical area.

15. Amanda is going to subscribe to a provider (ISP) to connect her devices to the Internet. Which of the following options offered by the ISP has a higher speed?

  • ADSL at 10 Mb/s
  • Dial-up at 56000 b/s
  • 3G at 512 kb/s
  • Cable at 0.020 Gb/s

16. A company decided to split a large network of computers into ten smaller networks. In this new configuration, which equipment will be responsible for forwarding packages from one network to another?

  • Switch
  • Firewall
  • Router
  • Access point

17. Which two options are addresses of websites dedicated to Internet searches? (Choose two.)


18. Amanda uses one program to send emails and another to receive emails, which are set up to synchronize the messages with the server. Which are the protocols used for these programs?

  • POP3 to send emails and SMTP to receive emails
  • POP3 to send emails and IMAP to receive emails
  • SMTP to send emails and IMAP to receive emails
  • SMTP to send emails and POP3 to receive emails

19. John received an email, supposedly from his bank, asking for his account number and password. What kind of electronic fraud is this?

  • Virus
  • Trojan horse
  • Phishing
  • DoS
  • Worm

20. Amanda wished to post her resume on a social network in order to establish contact with professionals and companies that may be interested in her services. Which social network is most suitable for this purpose?

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Orkut
  • Baboo

21. John has a Google account and he wants to save an important document in the cloud. Which Google service should John use to edit the document directly in the browser?

  • YouTube
  • Google Books
  • Hangout
  • Google Drive

22. Amanda’s computer is restarting by itself. What would be a possible cause of this problem?

  • Discharged battery
  • CPU and motherboard overheating
  • Monitor cable has a bad connection
  • Very full hard drive

23. The Internet connection at John’s house stopped working. Which two steps should be taken before calling support? (Choose two . )

  • Restart the modem
  • Restart the computer’s serial port
  • Restart the browser
  • Restart the computer
  • Restart the computer’s video interface

24. John downloaded the manual for his TV, called manual-of-tv.pdf, from the manufacturer’s website. After he clicked twice on the document he was informed by Windows that the file could not be opened. Which software must John install to solve the problem?

  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Reader
  • Java
  • codec

25. John and Amanda tried to solve a hardware problem on a friend’s computer, but they couldn’t fix it. What would be the next step?

  • Buy another computer because the current one is beyond repair
  • Open the computer and solve the problem through trial and error
  • Format the computer and reinstall the operating system
  • Call expert technical assistance
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