Class Activity – What’s Going On


Identify the processes running on a computer, the protocol they are using, and their local and remote port addresses.

Background / Scenario

For a hacker to establish a connection to a remote computer, a port must be listening on that device. This may be due to infection by malware, or a vulnerability in a legitimate piece of software. A utility, such as TCPView, can be used to detect open ports, monitor them in real-time, and close active ports and processes using them.

Required Resources

  • PC with Internet access
  • TCPView software

Step 1: Download and install the TCPView software.

a. Click on the link below to reach the download page for TCPView.


b. Create a folder on the desktop named “TCPView”.

c. Extract the contents of the zip to this new folder.

d. Double-click the Tcpview Application to start it.

e. Finally, Agree to the software license terms.

Step 2: Answer the following questions.

a. How many Endpoints are listed? ____________________________________________________________________

b. How many are Listening? ____________________________________________________________________

c. How many Endpoints are Established? ____________________________________________________________________

Step 3: Use a browser and observe the TCPView window.

a. Open the Options menu and click “Always on Top”.

Note: Use the Help section of the program to help you answer the following questions. b. Open any browser.

What happens in the TCPView window? _____________________________________________________________________

c. Browse to cisco.com.
What happens in the TCPView window? _____________________________________________________________________

d. Close the browser.
What happens in the TCPView window? _____________________________________________________________________

What do you think the colors mean? _____________________________________________________________________

Note: To close a process directly, right-click the process and choose End Process. Using this method can cause a program or the operating system to become unstable. Only end processes that you know are safe to end. This method can be used to stop malware from communicating.

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