Section 17 – Review 2

In this review session, we will be going over the earlier lessons to cement in hands-on knowledge. I know you have been choosing which labs to follow, but I’m going to suggest which ones to do here. Whatever you do, don’t keep repeating the same labs once you have mastered them. Mix up the IP addresses and the router interfaces and do it all from memory.

If you have to look up commands to remember them, you won’t get through the exam, so, as fast as possible, commit the configuration commands to memory.

Section 17 Tasks

  • Take the cables exam below
  • Review all switching theory
  • Review the labs in Days 1 to 5
  • Complete some of the previous switching labs
  • Read the ICND1 cram guide
  • Spend 15 minutes on the website

Section 17 Exam

  1. You are trying to find a crossover cable. When you look at the pin colours, what are you looking for?
  2. What is the minimum category of cable which can support 100Mbps?
  3. You want to configure an Ethernet interface to enable traffic to pass in both directions at the same time. In Switch(config-if)# mode, what do you type?
  4. At the Switch(config-if)# prompt, you want to change the speed from auto to 100. What do you type?
  5. What could you connect to using a crossover cable?
  6. You can easily use a straight-through Ethernet cable to connect to a router console port if a rollover/console cable is not available. True or false?
  7. Switches contain a memory chip known as an _______, which builds a table listing which device is plugged into which port.
  8. The show _______-_______-_______ command displays a list of which MAC addresses are connected to which ports.
  9. Which two commands add an IP address to the VLAN?
  10. Which commands will enable Telnet and will add a password to the switch Telnet lines?

Section 17 Answers

  1. The wire on pin 1 on one end needs to connect to pin 3 on the other end, and pin 2 needs to connect to pin 6 on the other end.
  2. Cat5.
  3. duplex full.
  4. speed 100.
  5. PC-to-PC, switch-to-switch, and router-to-router.
  6. False.
  7. ASIC.
  8. mac-address-table.
  9. The interface vlan x and ip address x.x.x.x commands.
  10. The Switch1(config)#line vty 0 15, Switch1(config-line)#password cisco, and Switch1(config-line)#login commands.


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