Lab 105: Configuring SNMPv2

Lab Objective:

The objective of this lab exercise is for you to learn how to implement the SNMP protocol using v2.

Lab Purpose:

Configuring and applying the SNMP protocol is a fundamental skill for any network administrator in order to monitor and gather information about your Cisco device. As a Cisco engineer, as well as in the Cisco CCNA exam, you will be expected to know how to implement SNMP.

Certification Level:

This lab is suitable for ICND2 certification exam preparation.

Lab Difficulty:

This lab has a difficulty rating of 5/10.

Readiness Assessment:

When you are ready for your certification exam, you should complete this lab in no more than 10 minutes.

Lab Topology:

Please use the following topology to complete this lab exercise:

Task 1:

Configure hostnames on R1 as illustrated in the topology.

Task 2:

Configure IP addresses on the Gig interface of R1 as illustrated in the topology.

Task 3:

Configure an SNMP Read-Only community called Public. Configure an SNMP Read-Write community called Private.

Task 4:

Configure a standard ACL numbered 10 and add it to the SNMP Private community to allow SNMP access from server 1 only.

Task 5:

Run the show snmp community command and make sure that the right communities are created, and that ACL 10 is being used in the appropriate community.

Configuration and Verification

Task 1:

For reference information on configuring hostnames, please refer to earlier labs.

Task 2:

For reference information on configuring IP addressing, please refer to earlier labs.

Task 3:

R1(config)#snmp-server community Public RO 
R1(config)#snmp-server community Private RW

Task 4:

R1(config)#access-list 10 permit 
R1(config)#snmp-server community Private RW 10

Task 5:

R1#sh snmp  community 

Community name: ILMI 
Community Index: cisco0 
Community SecurityName: ILMI 
storage-type: read-only active 

Community name: Public 
Community Index: cisco2 
Community SecurityName: Public 
storage-type: nonvolatile active

Community name: Private 
Community Index: cisco4 
Community SecurityName: Private 
storage-type: nonvolatile active    access-list: 10


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