Section 21 – Review 6

Section 21 Tasks

  • Take the VLSM exam below
  • Review VLSM (if required)
  • Complete any challenge lab you wish
  • Read the ICND1 cram guide
  • Review the IP addressing lesson
  • Spend 15 minutes on the website

Section 21 Exam

Section 21 – Review 6 2

You are the network administrator for the network You are asked to redesign the network to cater for a change in the company. Now they require the network to be broken into three smaller networks. One requires 55 hosts, one requires 50, and another 60. There will also be two WAN connections required.

Section 21 Answers

One proposal could be like this:
55 hosts:
50 hosts:
60 hosts:
Spare network: This can be further subnetted for the WAN links:
Point-to-Point network 1:
Point-to-Point network 2:


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