Section 28 – Review 13

Section 28 Tasks

  • Take the exam below
  • Review any theory (if required)
  • Complete any lab you wish
  • Spend 30 minutes on the website

Section 28 Exam

  1. What are the three methods used to control data flow at Layer 4?
  2. Switches contain a memory chip known as an _______, which builds a table listing of which device is plugged into which port.
  3. Name the two trunk link encapsulation types.
  4. Which command will encrypt a password with level 7 encryption?
  5. Convert into binary (without using a calculator).
  6. NAT converts the _______ headers for incoming and outgoing traffic and keeps track of each session.
  7. Name the three types of IPv6 addresses.
  8. Name three IPv4-to-IPv6 transaction mechanism classes.
  9. What do you type to apply an IP access control list to the Telnet lines on a router?
  10. _______ is used to determine the reliability of one source of routing information fromanother.

Section 28 Answers

  1. Flow control, windowing, and acknowledgements.
  2. ASIC.
  3. 802.1Q and ISL.
  4. The service password-encryption command.
  5. 11000000.10100000.11010010.10110001.
  6. Packet.
  7. Unicast, Multicast, and Anycast.
  8. Dual-stack, tunnelling, and protocol translation.
  9. The access-class command.
  10. Administrative distance.

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