Section 20 – Review 5

We are a few short days away from completing the ICND1 part of the course. I hope you have the exam booked if you are doing the two-exam route.

Section 20 Tasks

  • Take the exam below
  • Review routing and ACLs
  • Complete the static routes challenge lab below
  • Read the ICND1 cram guide
  • Spend 15 minutes on the website

Section 20 Exam

  1. _______ operates at the data plane and is a topology-driven proprietary switching mechanism that creates a forwarding table that is tied to the routing table (i.e., the control plane).
  2. CEF uses a _______ to make IP destination prefix-based switching decisions.
  3. The Link State routing protocol is a routing protocol that uses distance or hop count as its primary metric for determining the best forwarding path. True or false?

Section 20 Answers

  1. CEF
  2. FIB
  3. False

Section 20 Lab – Static Routes


Section 20 – Review 5 2


Connect three routers together with Serial or Ethernet connections:

  1. Configure the connections between the routers and ping
  2. Add Loopback addresses to the two spoke routers, as per the diagram
  3. Add a static route exit interface on the hub router for the subnet
  4. Add a next-hop address for network
  5. Ping both networks
  6. Issue a show ip route command and a show ip route command
  7. Confirm that you have the exit interface and next hop listed

Solution Hints and Commands

  • ip route <network> <mask> serial <int_name> command


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