Section 29 – Review 14

Section 29 Tasks

  • Take the exam below
  • Review any theory (if required), especially the IPv6-related sections
  • Complete any lab you wish
  • Write the ICND1 cram guide from memory
  • Spend 15 minutes on the website

Section 29 Exam

  1. By default, the _______ _______ command shows the last 10 commands entered on the
  2. The show _______-_______-_______ command displays a list of which MAC addresses are
    connected to which ports.
  3. VTP Client mode allows you to configure VLANs. True or false?
  4. Which command turns off CDP for the entire router or switch?
  5. What is the private range of IP addresses?
  6. Which show command displays a list of your NAT table?
  7. How large is the IPv6 address space?
  8. While IPv4 routing is enabled by default in Cisco IOS software, IPv6 routing is disabled by default and must be explicitly enabled. True or false?
  9. FTP uses which port number(s)?
  10. Name at least four routing metrics.

I know I’m repeating some questions but there is a good reason for that.

Section 29 Answers

  1. show history.
  2. mac-address-table.
  3. False.
  4. The no cdp run command.
  5. 10.x.x.x – any address starting with a 10
    172.16.x.x to 172.31.x.x – any address starting with 172.16 to 172.31, inclusive
    192.168.x.x – any address starting with 192.168.
  6. The show ip nat translations command.
  7. 128 bits.
  8. True.
  9. Port 20 and port 21.
  10. Bandwidth, cost, delay, load, reliability, and hop count.

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