Show CDP Neighbors Command on CISCO Router/Switch


Show CDP Neighbors


This command lists the Cisco devices that are connected to your current device. CDP is a Cisco proprietary protocol and will only detect Cisco products, although there are some vendors that do work with it.
Additionally, LLDP was recently released, which is an industry standard of the Cisco Discovery Protocol and is supported on newer IOS.


Router#show cdp neighbors


Show CDP Neighbors Command on CISCO Router/Switch 1

In the below example we use show cdp neighbors to see what devices are directly connected to R2.

R2#show cdp neighbors
Capability Codes: R – Router, T – Trans Bridge, B – Source Route Bridge
S – Switch, H – Host, I – IGMP, r – Repeater

Device ID Local Intrfce Holdtme Capability Platform Port ID
R3 Fas 1/0 136 R S I 3640 Fas 0/0
R1 Fas 0/0 170 R S I 3640 Fas 0/

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