01. Small Network Implementation(Review CCENT)

Cisco IOS User Interface Functions


  • The CLI is used to enter commands.
  • Operations vary between routers and switches, but both use the same CLI.
  • The Enter key instructs a device to parse and execute a command.
  • The CLI uses a hierarchy of commands in its configuration-mode structure.
  • Users may type or paste entries within the console configuration modes.
  • Configuration modes have distinctive prompts.
  • Two primary EXEC modes are user mode and privileged mode.
  • Changes are not saved automatically.

Overview of Cisco IOS – Configuration Modes


Help Facilities of the Cisco IOS CLI


Commands Review Discussion


  • What does the command accomplish?
  • From what configuration mode is the command executed?

Access to the Remote Labs

Use this module review to complete an introductory lab, which will become the basis for all subsequent lab activities.


  • A basic router or switch configuration includes the provision of hostnames for identification, the provision of passwords for security, and the assignment of IP addresses for connectivity.
  • You use the CLI to enter commands.
  • You use the configure terminal command to enter global configuration mode. To exit global configuration mode you can use the command end or press Ctrl-Z.
  • The CLI provides context-sensitive help, console error messages, and a command history buffer.
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