11.5.2 Packet Tracer – Managing Device Configurations Answers

11.5.2 Packet Tracer – Managing Device Configurations Answers


11.5.2 Packet Tracer - Managing Device Configurations Answers 2

Device Interface IP Address Subnet Mask Enable Secret Password VTY/ Console Passwords
ROUTER1 Fa0/0 class cisco

Learning Objectives

  • Perform basic router configurations
  • Backup a copy of a router configuration file
  • Reload the backup configuration file from a TFTP server into RAM on a router
  • Save the new running-config to NVRAM


In this lab, students will configure common settings on a Cisco Router, save the configuration to a TFTP server, then restore the configuration from a TFTP server.

Task 1: Configure ROUTER1

Step 1: Basic Configurations on ROUTER1

Using the table at the beginning of the lab, configure the router hostname. Configure the FastEthernet interface and configure it with a description. Protect access to the console port using cisco as the password. Configure the router with an encrypted enable password of class. Restrict remote access to the router using a password of cisco. Configure a banner that will warn unauthorized personnel that access is prohibited. Verify the router’s configurations by performing the show running-config command on the router. If not correct, fix any configuration errors and re-verify. Save the configurations to NVRAM.

Task 2: Configure the TFTP Server

Step 1: Configure the TFTP server

Using the following information apply a layer 3 address and default gateway to the TFTP server:

  • IP Address:
  • Subnet mask:
  • Default Gateway:

Step 2: Verify connectivity

Ping the TFTP server from ROUTER1. If the ping fails, review the TFTP and router configurations to resolve the problem.

Task 3: Backup the startup-config to the TFTP Server

Step 1: Copy configurations

Use the Copy Start TFTP command on ROUTER1. Enter the TFTP IP address as the address of the remote host; and leave all other questions as; the default (Press Enter)

Task 4: Verify Configuration Transfer to the TFTP Server

Step 1: Verify TFTP transfer

First, click on the TFTP server. Next, click on the Config Tab. Then, click on the TFTP tab. Verify that the ROUTER1-config file is listed (should be at the bottom of the list)

Download Packet Tracer (.pka) file:

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