IoE and DHCP Instructions Answers IoE and DHCP (Instructor Version – Optional Lab)

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Configure DHCP for IPv4 or IPv6 on a Cisco 1941 router.

At the end of this chapter, students should be able to configure a Cisco 1941 router for IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP end-device addressing. In this activity, students will use Packet Tracer to configure DHCP addressing for end devices in a home environment.


This chapter presents the concept of using the DHCP process in a small- to medium-sized business network; however, DHCP also has other uses!

With the advent of the Internet of Everything (IoE), any device in your home capable of wired or wireless
connectivity to a network will be able to be accessed from just about anywhere.

Using Packet Tracer for this modeling activity, perform the following tasks:

  • Configure a Cisco 1941 router (or DHCP-server-capable ISR device) for IPv4 or IPv6 DHCP addressing.
  • Think of five devices in your home you would like to receive IP addresses from the router’s DHCP service. Set the end devices to claim DHCP addresses from the DHCP server.
  • Show output validating that each end device secures an IP address from the server. Save your output information via a screen capture program or use the PrtScrn key command.
  • Present your findings to a fellow classmate or to the class.

Required Resources

Packet Tracer software


1. Why would a user want to use a Cisco 1941 router to configure DHCP on his home network? Wouldn’t a smaller ISR be good enough to use as a DHCP server?
Answers will vary. The 1941 routers are more expensive than smaller ISRs, but they offer more options to implement security plans and are more robust in processing/bandwidth power.

2. How do you think small- medium-sized businesses are able to use DHCP IP address allocation in the IoE and IPv6 network world? Brainstorm and record five possible answers.
Small landscaping firms may be able to turn on sprinkler systems for customers when they go on vacation, based on the landscaping firm’s DHCP server IP address allocations.

Small electric companies may be able to check error codes on any device with an IP address to evaluate the enddevice for repair by using their own DHCP servers’ IP address allocations.

Small automotive businesses may be able to provide estimates for repair based on DHCP IP addressing of automobiles with auto addresses linked to the business’ DHCP server.

A homeowner may be able to start the washer or dryer from any location, based upon a DNS server location and their own DHCP server address.

Televisions may be controlled to turn off, turn on, select stations to record, record programs, and more using a DNS server and personal DHCP server.

Instructor Activity Representative Topology and Output IoE and DHCP Instructions Answers 2

Router# show run
(output omitted)

hostname Router

ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp pool HOME-ADDRESSES
(output omitted)
spanning-tree mode pvst
interface GigabitEthernet0/0
ip address
duplex auto
speed auto
Router# show ip dhcp binding
IP address       Client-ID/            Lease expiration        Type
                 Hardware address     0090.0CC1.A57B        --                      Automatic     0060.3E80.2074        --                      Automatic     0001.C9B3.382D        --                      Automatic     000A.F345.487C        --                      Automatic     00E0.F995.0C3B        --                      Automatic

Identify elements of the model that map to IT-related content:

  • DHCP servers can allocate IP addresses to any network-capable device.
  • DHCP servers can provide small- to medium-sized businesses with functionality that is not provided with static addressing.
  • Network administrators, who configure network DHCP servers, such as routers, switches or dedicated servers, can save time in implementing an IP addressing scheme. 


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