CCNA 200-125 Exam: DHCP Questions 2 With Answers

  1. How to see DHCP conflict?
    • A. show ip dhcp pool
    • B. show dhcp database
    • C. show ip dhcp conflict*

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    The command “show ip dhcp conflict” displays address conflicts found when addresses are offered to the client. Below is an example:

    CCNA 200-125 Exam: DHCP Questions 2 With Answers 1

  2. Where does the configuration reside when a helper address is configured to support DHCP?
    • A. on the switch trunk interface.
    • B. on the router closest to the client.*
    • C. on the router closest to the server.
    • D. on every router along the path.
  3. How does a DHCP server dynamically assign IP addresses to hosts?
    • A. Addresses are permanently assigned so that the host uses the same address at all times.
    • B. Addresses are assigned for a fixed period of time.
    • C. Addresses are leased to hosts. A host will usually keep the same address by periodically contacting the DHCP server to renew the lease.*
    • D. Addresses are allocated after a negotiation between the server and the host to determine the length of the agreement.
  4. Which statement about DHCP snooping is true?
    • A. It blocks traffic from DHCP servers on untrusted interfaces.*
    • B. It can be configured on switches and routers.
    • C. It allows packets from untrusted ports if their source MAC address is found in the binding table.
    • D. It uses DHCPDiscover packets to identify DHCP servers.
  5. Refer to the exhibit.
    ip dhcp pool test
     domain name

    After you apply the given configuration to a router, the DHCP clients behind the device cannot communicate with hosts outside of their subnet. Which action is most likely to correct the problem?

    • A. Configure the DNS server on the same subnet as the clients
    • B. Activate the dhcp pool
    • C. Correct the subnet mask
    • D. Configure the default gateway*

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    In the DHCP pool we need to configure a default gateway (via the “default-route …” command) for the DHCP clients to communicate with outside subnets.
  6. Where does a switch maintain DHCP snooping information?
    • A. in the CAM table
    • B. in the VLAN database
    • C. in the DHCP binding database*
    • D. in the MAC address table
  7. While troubleshooting a DHCP client that is behaving erratically, you discover that the client has been assigned the same IP address as a printer that is a static IP address. Which option is the best way to resolve the problem?
    • A. Configure a static route to the client
    • B. Assign the client the same IP address as the router
    • C. Move the client to another IP subnet
    • D. Move the printer to another IP subnet
    • E. Reserve the printer IP address*

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    In this case the printer is statically assigned an IP address so we have to make sure DHCP server does not assign the same IP address to another device. We can configure the DHCP server with the command “ip dhcp excluded-address <ip-address>” (suppose it is a Cisco device).

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