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There is no best programming language. Each language is better than others for certain things, and which one you are using depends on what you want to do with it. Having said that, the fact remains, though, that the world runs on C and C++. People use numerous C/C++ powered devices on a daily basis, whether they realize it or not, and there are all the signs that C/C++ will remain omnipresent in the future.

There are probably as many views on what the best language for beginners is as there are teachers of programming. We are not saying C/C++ is the best choice; we are saying, however, that C/C++ is a good choice. Why? Well, for several reasons: to name just a few, there have been millions or even billions of lines of code written in C/C++, so it is particularly advantageous when you are starting your adventure with programming and looking for examples – yes, the C/C++ languages are simple, readable and flexible, and yes, they are versatile, portable, and fast; what is more, there is a large and very active C/C++ community, which will lend you a hand whenever you encounter a programming challenge.
There is nothing more valuable at the start than support that comes from other programming professionals.
The C/C++ languages have influenced and been the backbone of a number of other languages (for example, Java derives much of its syntax from C/C++). They are very powerful programming tools.
Learning C/C++ gives you a wider perspective. First, it will give you a solid foundation and pave your way to learning other programming languages much easier and much faster. And second, when you code in C/C++, you actually have to understand everything you write. This means you will understand

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