Programming Essentials in C: Chapter 1 Assignment (CLA) Exam Answers

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1. The English language is an example of

  • a programming language
  • a machine language
  • a natural language *

2. A high-level language is

  • a language spoken by mountain tribes
  • a language spoken by the high society
  • a type of programming language *

3. A compiler is

  • an alternative name for a processor
  • a computer program designed to translate programs from a high-level language into a machine language *
  • a computer program designed to translate programs from a machine language into a high-level language

4. Data of type int is

  • an internal number
  • an integer number *
  • a fractional number
  • an integral number

5. The following string:

  • can be used as a variable name *
  • cannot be used as a variable name

6. The following string:

  • cannot be used as a variable name *
  • can be used as a variable name

7. What is the value of the var variable after executing the following snippet of code:

int var;
var = 100;
var = var + 100;
var = var + var;
  • 300
  • 200
  • 400 *
  • 100

8. A keyword is a word that

  • functions as a password needed to launch a program
  • is the most important word in a program
  • cannot be used in the meaning other than defined in the language standard *

9. A comment placed anywhere inside the code is a syntactic equivalent of

  • a keyword
  • a space *
  • a number

10. Every variable has the following attributes:

  • type, name, value *
  • header, footer, setter
  • variability, stability, readability


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Prashant Gaikwad
Prashant Gaikwad
1 year ago

A file which contains a computer program translated into machine language is called
An executable
A source file
An interchange filr

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