IT Essentials (ITE v5.0 & v5.02) Chapter 1 Exam Answers 100% 2019

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1. Which type of memory is primarily used as cache memory?

  • DRAM
  • RAM
  • ROM
  • SRAM*

2. Which two considerations would be of the greatest importance when building a workstation that will run multiple virtual machines? (Choose two.)

  • high-end sound card
  • number of CPU cores*
  • water cooling
  • powerful video card
  • amount of RAM*

3. Which two devices are considered input devices? (Choose two.)

  • digital camera*
  • printer
  • speakers
  • biometric authentication device*
  • projector

4. Which three devices are considered output devices? (Choose three.)

  • headphones*
  • keyboard
  • fingerprint scanner
  • monitor*
  • mouse
  • printer*

5. A user playing a game on a gaming PC with a standard EIDE 5400 RPM hard drive finds the performance unsatisfactory. Which hard drive upgrade would improve performance while providing more reliability and using less power?

  • a 7200 RPM SATA hard drive
  • a 7200 RPM EIDE hard drive
  • an SSD*
  • a 10,000 RPM SATA hard drive

6. Which hardware upgrade would allow the processor in a gaming PC to provide the optimal gaming performance?

  • a fast EIDE drive
  • large amounts of fast RAM*
  • liquid cooling
  • a high capacity external hard drive

7. Which two storage devices use a magnetic medium for storing data? (Choose two.)

  • tape drive*
  • solid state drive
  • hard disk drive*
  • compact disk drive
  • blue-ray disk drive


IT Essentials (ITE v5.0 & v5.02) Chapter 1 Exam Answers 100% 2019 1

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of adapter is shown?

  • network interface*
  • sound
  • video
  • RAID

9. Which component controls the communications and interactions between the CPU and other components on the motherboard?

  • RAM
  • CMOS
  • chipset*
  • BIOS

10. Which two pieces of information are needed before selecting a power supply? (Choose two.)

  • the total wattage of all components*
  • the voltage requirements of peripheral devices
  • the form factor of the case*
  • the type of CPU
  • the installed operating system

11. Which memory module has a front side bus speed of 200 MHz?

  • DDR3-667
  • PC100 SDRAM
  • DDR-400*
  • DDR-333

12. What are two factors that must be considered when choosing a computer case? (Choose two.)

  • the number of LED indicators at the front of the case
  • the size of the motherboard and the power supply*
  • the vendor that manufactured the motherboard
  • the size of the monitor
  • the number of internal drive locations*

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IT Essentials (ITE v5.0 & v5.02) Chapter 1 Exam Answers 100% 2019 2

14. Which unit of measurement is used to indicate the hard drive speed?

  • pages per minute
  • gigabytes
  • revolutions per minute*
  • clusters per minute

15. Refer to the exhibit. Which type of video card expansion slot is depicted?

  • PCIe
  • ISA
  • PCI
  • AGP*

16. What type of connector can be used to connect an eSATA interface to an external SATA drive?

  • 7-pin connector*
  • 9-pin connector
  • 15-pin connector
  • 5-pin connector

17. Where can the input voltage selection be changed from 110 volts to 220 volts on a computer system?

  • on the motherboard
  • in the BIOS
  • on the back of the power supply*
  • in the operating system control panel

18. Refer to the exhibit. Which type of cable is shown in the graphic?

  • USB
  • parallel
  • FireWire
  • serial*

19. Which two activities are normally controlled by the Northbridge part of the chipset? (Choose two.)

  • communication between the CPU and the sound card
  • communication between the CPU and the hard drive
  • access to the RAM*
  • communication between the CPU and the I/O ports
  • access to the video card*

20. A technician looks at a motherboard and sees a 24-pin connector. What component would connect to the motherboard through the use of this 24-pin connector?

  • power supply*
  • SATA drive
  • video card
  • PATA optical drive
  • floppy drive
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