Lab 53: Configuring an Enable Secret Password and Exec Timeout on Catalyst Switches

Lab Objective:

The objective of this lab exercise is for you to learn and understand how to configure a switch to be secure on the console port with a timeout value and protect enable mode with a secret password.

Lab Purpose:

Console access configuration is a fundamental skill. Switches are always configured first via console access because there is no Telnet access configured. As a Cisco engineer, as well as in the Cisco CCNA exam, you will be expected to know how to configure a switch to allow access via the console as well as set a timeout value when the session is idle.

Certification Level:

This lab is suitable for CCENT certification exam preparation.

Lab Difficulty:

This lab has a difficulty rating of 5/10.

Readiness Assessment:

When you are ready for your certification exam, you should complete this lab in no more than 5 minutes.

Lab Topology:

Please use the following topology to complete this lab exercise:

Task 1:

Configure a hostname on Sw1.

Task 2:

Set a password on the console line of HELLO. Set an exec timeout on the console port of 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

Task 3:

Set the enable secret password CISCO. Test the connection if you have console access to your device.

Task 4:

Check the show run. The passwords are encrypted by default.

Configuration and Verification

Task 1:

For reference information on configuring hostnames, please refer to earlier labs.

Task 2:

Sw1(config)#line console 0 
Sw1(config-line)#password HELLO 
Sw1(config-line)#exec-timeout ? 
 <0-35791>  Timeout in minutes 
Sw1(config-line)#exec-timeout 5 ? 
 <0-2147483>  Timeout in seconds 
Sw1(config-line)#exec-timeout 5 30

Task 3:

Sw1#conf t 
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CTRL/Z.
Sw1(config)#enable secret CISCO 

Task 4:

Sw1#show run 

hostname Sw1
enable secret 5 $1$mERr$NJdjwh5wX8Ia/X8aC4RIu.


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