Lab – Hashing Things Out

0.0 00 Objectives Part 1: Creating Hashes with OpenSSL Part 2: Verifying Hashes Background / Scenario Hash functions are mathematical algorithms designed to take data as input and generate a fixed-size, unique string of characters, also known as the hash. Designed to be fast, hash functions are very … Packet Tracer – Logging Network Activity

1.0 01 Topology Addressing Table Device Private IP Address Public IP Address FTP_Server SYSLOG_SERVER Router2 N/A Objectives Part 1: Create FTP traffic. Part 2: Investigate the FTP Traffic Part 3: View Syslog Messages Background In this activity, you will use Packet Tracer to … Lab – Reading Server Logs

0.0 00 Objectives Part 1: Reading Log Files with Cat, More, and Less Part 2: Log Files and Syslog Part 3: Log Files and Journalctl Background / Scenario Log files are an important tool for troubleshooting and monitoring. Different application generates different log files, each one containing its … Lab – Exploring DNS Traffic

0.0 00 Objectives Part 1: Capture DNS Traffic Part 2: Explore DNS Query Traffic Part 3: Explore DNS Response Traffic Background / Scenario Wireshark is an open source packet capture and analysis tool. Wireshark gives a detailed breakdown of the network protocol stack. Wireshark allows you to filter …

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