CCNA 200-125 Exam: DMVPN Questions With Answers

  1. Which type of topology is required by DMVPN?
    • A. ring
    • B. full mesh
    • C. hub-and-spoke*
    • D. partial mesh

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    The topology of DMVPN is always hub-and-spoke as all Spokes are required to connect to the Hub router directly.

    CCNA 200-125 Exam: DMVPN Questions With Answers 1

  2. Which circumstances can cause a GRE tunnel to be in an up/down state? (Choose three)
    • A. The tunnel interface IP address is misconfigured.
    • B. The tunnel interface is down.*
    • C. A valid route to the destination address is missing from the routing table.*
    • D. The tunnel address is routed through the tunnel itself.*
    • E. The ISP is blocking the traffic.
    • F. An ACL is blocking the outbound traffic.
  3. Which technology supports multiple dynamic secure connections on an unsecured transport network?
    • A. DMVPN*
    • B. VPN
    • C. Site-to-site VPN
    • D. client VPN

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