Encapsulation Command on CISCO Router/Switch




This command sets the encapsulation type for an interface.


Router(config-if)#encapsultion <mode>

Serial Options

<hdlc> This is the default encapsulation, it provides a simple serial link.
<ppp> This enables ppp on the link, it provides link authentication and many other features.
<frame-relay> This enables frame-relay on a serial link.

Ethernet Options

<dot1q> This encapsulation enables trunking on a ethernet link.


In this example, we will enable frame-relay on R1’s serial1/0 link.

R1(config)#int s1/0
R1(config-if)#frame-relay ?
% Unrecognized command

R1(config-if)#encapsulation frame-relay

R1(config-if)#frame-relay ?
accounting Special accounting instruction
address-reg ELMI address registration
broadcast-queue Define a broadcast queue and transmit rate
class Define a map class on the interface
congestion-management Enable Frame Relay congestion management
de-group Associate a DE group with a DLCI
fragment Enable end-to-end fragmentation for all PVCs
fragmentation Adaptive fragmentation
ifmib-counter64 Support IF-MIB’s total packet/byte counts of Counter64
on FR if/subif when main interface’s ifSpeed < 20 Mbps
interface-dlci Define a DLCI on an interface/subinterface
interface-queue configure PVC interface queueing
intf-type Configure a FR DTE/DCE/NNI interface
inverse-arp Enable/disable FR inverse ARP
ip Frame Relay Internet Protocol config commands
lapf set LAPF parameter
lmi-n391dte set full status polling counter
lmi-n392dce LMI error threshold
lmi-n392dte LMI error threshold
lmi-n393dce set LMI monitored event count
lmi-n393dte set LMI monitored event count
lmi-t392dce set DCE polling verification timer
lmi-type Use CISCO-ANSI-CCITT type LMI
local-dlci Set source DLCI when LMI is not supported
map Map a protocol address to a DLCI address
multicast-dlci Set DLCI of a multicast group
payload-compression Use payload compression
policing Enable Frame Relay policing
priority-dlci-group Define a priority group of DLCIs
qos-autosense enable QOS autosense
route frame relay route for pvc switching
svc Enable frame relay SVCs
traffic-shaping Enable Frame Relay Traffic Shaping
traps-maximum set max traps FR generates at link up or when getting
LMI Full Status message
vc-bundle configure a frame-relay vc-bundle


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