Module 3.3.2 Quiz – Other Mobile Devices Answers

1. What is a good source for safely downloading Android apps?

  • iTunes
  • google play
  • freeware sites
  • the Apple App Store

Explanation: Google Play ensures that the app is compatible with the mobile device and is a trusted source for apps.

2. In the context of mobile devices, what does the term tethering involve?

  • connecting a mobile device to another mobile device or computer to share a network connection
  • connecting a mobile device to a hands-free headset
  • connecting a mobile device to a 4G cellular network
  • connecting a mobile device to a USB port on a computer in order to charge the mobile device

Explanation: Tethering allows a laptop or PC to use the Internet connection of a mobile device such as a cell phone, usually through a cellular data connection. This allows devices to connect to the Internet in locations where there is no Wi-Fi or cabled connection, but where there is still a cellular data connection.

3. What term is used to describe connecting a mobile device to another mobile device or computer to share a network connection?

  • joining
  • syncing
  • pairing
  • tethering

Explanation: Pairing describes connecting two devices using Bluetooth. Syncing Is the term used to describe synchronizing emails and calendars across a number of devices.

4. A user complains to a technician that none of the apps that use a GPS are working properly. What should the technician do first if the GPS function is suspect?

  • Replace the gyroscope.
  • Calibrate the gyroscope.
  • Replace the GPS antenna.
  • Ensure the Location setting is enabled.

Explanation: A global positioning system (GPS) is used for geographic location, navigation, and specialized search results. Both iOS and Android devices have a Location or Location services setting to control whether the GPS is turned on. The WiFi/GPS antenna may need to be replaced if the location service is turned on but GPS still does not work.

5. An art appreciation college professor wants to apply for a technology grant to allow students to have a virtual tour of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Which mobile technology should the professor request to accomplish this goal?

  • e-reader
  • GPS
  • smart watch
  • VR headset

Explanation: A virtual reality (VR) headset can be used in a training situation for educational purposes such as touring a remote location, military training, or medical training. Gaming applications are also popular. A person wears a special headset that projects a slightly different image to each eye, allowing the image to be viewed in 3D. The person may also wear headphones and a microphone depending on the application

6. Which specialized mobile device is commonly used with VR and AR?

  • fitness monitor
  • smart watch
  • headset
  • e-reader

Explanation: Virtual reality (VR) provides an immersive experience replacing the real world; augmented reality (AR) uses an overlay of digital elements into the real world. Headsets are commonly used with both VR and AR technologies.

7. What is used to provide location information to smart devices?

  • e-reader
  • GPS
  • smart hub
  • Zigbee coordinator

Explanation: The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system that transmits signals back to GPS receivers on Earth.

8. A student wants to read a book at the beach. Which mobile device is the best suited to do this?

  • laptop
  • smartwatch
  • smartphone
  • e-reader

Explanation: E-readers are optimized for reading text such as books and newspapers.

9. A football player leaves the smartphone at home but still wants to be alerted of the football game scores while out jogging. Which mobile device accomplishes this best?

  • e-reader
  • smartwatch
  • tablet
  • laptop

Explanation: A smartwatch best serves this purpose. A smartwatch can receive the updates which can be viewed without needing to have a phone.

10. A student wants to find an alternate route to school because the usual route is blocked by an accident. Which technology allows this task to be accomplished?

  • GPS
  • geotagging
  • cloud service
  • VPN

Explanation: An additional feature of smartphones is location services. Most phones include global positioning system (GPS) functionality. A GPS receiver in the phone uses satellites to determine the geographic location of the device. Some apps allow a smartphone to act as a navigational GPS that provides guidance for driving, biking, or walking.

11. What is one of the operating systems used in smartphones?

  • iOS
  • Windows 10
  • FitBit
  • Google Play

Explanation: iOS is the mobile operating system developed by Apple. FitBit is a fitness tracker that monitors heart rate and the number of steps taken. Google Play is a store where smartphones apps can be downloaded.

12. Which two devices are types of wearables? (Choose two.)

  • tablet
  • smartphone
  • smartwatch
  • laptop
  • fitness tracker

Explanation: Wearables are smart devices that are meant to be worn on the body or attached to clothing. Two popular wearables are smartwatches and fitness trackers.

13. What is a characteristic of a fitness tracker?

  • a wearable device that monitors heart function and physical activity
  • a special device with 6″ or larger black and white display optimized for reading text
  • a device with a large touch screen that runs apps downloadable from an app store
  • a device that converts received phone messages to text

Explanation: A smartwatch is a wearable device that runs a special OS and apps to monitor heart function and physical activity. Tablets have larger touch screens with most being about eight-inches diagonally, and runs app downloadable from an app store. E-readers are special purpose devices optimized for reading text.

14. What kind of mobile device is the Amazon Kindle?

  • smartphone
  • smartwatch
  • fitness tracker
  • e-reader

Explanation: Amazon Kindle is an e-reader, a special purpose device with black and white displays that have been optimized for reading text.

15. What is a characteristic of smartphones?

  • They never become out-of-date because they can be upgradeable every time a higher OS version is released.
  • They can usually download software from any app store on the Internet.
  • They have physical keyboards and large touch screens.
  • They are usually limited to only one or two types of physical connection.

Explanation: Smartphones may have limited OS upgradeability, so they can become out-of-date and require a purchase of a new phone to take advantage of new features of the OS and apps that require a higher OS version. Software for smartphones is usually limited to apps that can be downloaded from stores such as Google Play or the Apple App Store. They have small touch screens with no physical keyboard. They are usually limited to only one or two types of physical connection such as USB, or Lightning, and headphones.

16. Mobile devices have become an integral part of many processes of business organizations. IT professionals need to know the types of mobile devices available, how they can be adopted in the workplace, and the consequences of this choice for business. The main types of mobile devices employees use to conduct business fall into two categories: smartphones and tablets. What are three characteristics of smartphones? (Choose three.)

  • Smartphones have larger touch-screen displays than tablets.
  • Smartphones battery life is longer than tablets.
  • Smartphones offer more processing power and memory than tablets.
  • Smartphones can share cellular data connection with other devices.
  • Smartphones can access cellular networks.
  • Smartphones have more physical connections than tablets.

Explanation: On smartphones the display area usually ranges between 4” and 7.1”. Tablets are much larger, with a display area ranging between 8” and 18.4”. Tablets offer more processing power and memory, delivering better performance than smartphones. However, there are other considerations when choosing between the two. Smartphones have longer battery life, and use cellular connectivity options for voice, text, and data services. They can also be configured to act as a modem that provides other devices to the cellular data network over USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.

17. A parent decides to buy a mobile device to encourage a child to read books. When arriving at a specialized store, the parent asks the salesperson which device would be the most suitable to accomplish this. Two options are offered by the salesperson: tablet and e-reader. Which three options present the characteristics of these devices so the parent can choose wisely? (Choose three.)

  • Tablets have black and white displays that have been optimized for reading text.
  • The e-reader screen has e-ink technology that does not emit light, allowing the user to read for long periods without straining the eyes.
  • The tablet battery life is usually longer than that of the e-reader, at up 15 -20 hours of reading time or more.
  • On the e-reader, all features are geared towards the reading experience, not allowing the user to access applications from different segments.
  • The tablet can be used to read books, but also to browse the internet, play games, take pictures, providing a distraction to put reading aside.
  • E-readers and tablets are much alike, but e-reader can store more books.

Explanation: The e-reader screen is usually black and white, with e-ink technology that does not emit light and mimics the appearance of printed paper. This feature allows you to read for long periods without straining your eyes. E-reader web access is limited to eBook stores that the e-reader manufacturer may operate. The tablet can be used to read books, browse the internet, watch series and movies, and play games, among others, providing a distraction to put reading aside.

18. What is a characteristic of a SIM card?

  • It is used to extend the cell phone battery lifetime.
  • Two SIM cards can be installed on some phones, but the SIM cards must be from the same vendor.
  • It is used to add memory to many mobile devices.
  • It can be used to hold user personal data.

Explanation: A SIM card is a small card that contains information used to authenticate a device to mobile telephone and data providers. It can also hold user data such as personal contacts and text messages.

19. Which type of proprietary cable is used to connect Apple devices to host computers?

  • mini-USB
  • USB-C
  • micro-USB
  • lightning

Explanation: The Lightning cable is a proprietary connector used to connect Apple devices to host computers and other peripherals such as USB battery chargers, monitors, and cameras.

20. Which type of connection allows mobile devices to remotely control devices, such as TV or audio equipment?

  • infrared
  • micro-USB
  • NFC
  • lightning

Explanation: You can control other IR-controlled devices remotely, such as a TV, set-top box, or audio equipment if a mobile device is IR enabled.

21. Which two products are recommended to clean the touchscreen on mobile devices? (Choose two.)

  • lint-free cloth
  • mild cleaning solution
  • ammonia
  • water
  • glass cleaner spray

Explanation: A soft, lint-free cloth and a cleaning solution designed for a touchscreen must be used to keep the mobile device touchscreen clean.

22. Which type of connection allows mobile devices to communicate wirelessly with each other when touched together?

  • NFC
  • bluetooth
  • infrared
  • lightning

Explanation: Near field communication (NFC) enables mobile devices to establish radio communications with other devices by placing the devices close together or by touching them together.

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