Introduction to Linux I – Chapter 26 Exam Answers 2019 + PDF file

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1. Which command will remove all files that belong to a Debian package?

  • apt-get erase
  • apt-get remove
  • apt-get uninstall
  • apt-get purge

2. What command will update a single Debian package named figlet?

  • apt-get install figlet
  • apt-get freshen figlet
  • apt-get upgrade figlet
  • apt-get update figlet

3. Which command will update the list of available packages for APT?

  • apt-cache update
  • apt-cache upgrade
  • apt-get upgrade
  • apt-get update

4. In which file are repositories stored for Debian package management?

  • /etc/apt/source.repo
  • /etc/apt/repo.list
  • /etc/apt/sources.list
  • /etc/repo.list

5. Which is not a tool used for Debian package management?

  • aptitude
  • synaptic
  • dpkg
  • deb

6. How can you determine the Debian package that owns a file?

  • dpkg -f
  • dpkg -o
  • dpkg -S
  • dpkg -i

7. How can you remove a package but not its configuration files with Debian package management?

  • dpkg -e
  • dpkg -p
  • apt-get remove
  • apt-get erase

8. Which command may be used to get a list of the installed Debian packages?

  • dpkg -L
  • apt-get list
  • apt-get show
  • dpkg -l

9. Which command will show the dependencies of a Debian package?

  • apt-cache requires
  • apt-get requires
  • apt-get depends
  • apt-cache depends

10. Which two commands will show detailed information about a Debian package? (choose two)

  • apt-cache info
  • dpkg -i
  • apt-cache show
  • dpkg -s

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maurice adovoekpe
maurice adovoekpe
4 years ago

Question 1
a hypervisor allows:
(choose two)
an operating system to be installed on virtual hardware
virtual resources to be accessed by operating systems and application software
application software to run without an operating system
system calls to be directly executed by physical hardware

Question 2
A bare-metal hypervisor runs directly on top of physical hardware
True or False?

Question 3
some advantages of containerized application development are:
(choose two)
decreased use of physical resources
easy to control access to shared resources
robust developer community creating tools for administration
cannot interfere with each others operation

Question 4
Which virtualization platform runs on top of Windows, Linux, and MacOS

Question 5
IaaS provides delivery of on-demand shared computing resources
True or False?

Question 6
Cloud orchestration technology projects include:
(choose two)
Apache Cloudstack
Virtual Box

Question 7
Each virtual machine requires a unique identity in order to communicate with the outside world.
True or False?

Question 8
Virtual machine images have all required settings enabled by default.
True or False?

Question 9
Which utility can automate changes needed for a base virtual machine image?

Question 10
CPU virtualization extensions are required for virtual machines to operate on a computer system.
True or False?