Introduction to Linux I – Chapter 26 Exam Answers 2019 + PDF file

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1. Which command will remove all files that belong to a Debian package?

  • apt-get erase
  • apt-get remove
  • apt-get uninstall
  • apt-get purge

2. What command will update a single Debian package named figlet?

  • apt-get install figlet
  • apt-get freshen figlet
  • apt-get upgrade figlet
  • apt-get update figlet

3. Which command will update the list of available packages for APT?

  • apt-cache update
  • apt-cache upgrade
  • apt-get upgrade
  • apt-get update

4. In which file are repositories stored for Debian package management?

  • /etc/apt/source.repo
  • /etc/apt/repo.list
  • /etc/apt/sources.list
  • /etc/repo.list

5. Which is not a tool used for Debian package management?

  • aptitude
  • synaptic
  • dpkg
  • deb

6. How can you determine the Debian package that owns a file?

  • dpkg -f
  • dpkg -o
  • dpkg -S
  • dpkg -i

7. How can you remove a package but not its configuration files with Debian package management?

  • dpkg -e
  • dpkg -p
  • apt-get remove
  • apt-get erase

8. Which command may be used to get a list of the installed Debian packages?

  • dpkg -L
  • apt-get list
  • apt-get show
  • dpkg -l

9. Which command will show the dependencies of a Debian package?

  • apt-cache requires
  • apt-get requires
  • apt-get depends
  • apt-cache depends

10. Which two commands will show detailed information about a Debian package? (choose two)

  • apt-cache info
  • dpkg -i
  • apt-cache show
  • dpkg -s

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