Introduction to Linux I – Chapter 27 Exam Answers 2019 + PDF file

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1. Which two directories are automatically searched for shared libraries? (choose two)

  • /lib
  • /usr/lib
  • /usr/library
  • /library

2. Which command is used to display the shared libraries of a dynamically linked executable?

  • ldlist
  • ldd
  • ldconfig

3. Which command can an administrator run to rebuild the cache of shared libraries?

  • ldd
  • ldlist
  • ldconfig

4. Which environment variable can a user set, that will affect where shared libraries can be located and loaded?


5. Which of the following are benefits of a shared library: (choose two)

  • Programs run slower
  • Programs can be smaller
  • Programs run faster
  • Programs use a more consistent base of code

6. Which of the following will find and load shared libraries when a program is executed?

  • The kernel
  • The dynamic linker
  • The scheduler
  • The init process

7. Which of the following contents is in the ldconfig configuration file by default?

  • include*.conf
  • include ldconfig
  • include /etc/ldconfig
  • include all

8. Which of the following commands would display the libraries used by the /bin/ls command?

  • ls -lib /bin/ls
  • ldconfig /bin/ls
  • listlib /bin/ls
  • ldd /bin/ls

9. If a library is not accessible due to an error, the the ldd would report which error message?

  • lib missing
  • error: lib not configured
  • library missing
  • not found

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