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1. A user is replying to a mail message. After typing the response, which of the following key combinations will save and send the message?

  • Ctrl+A
  • Ctrl+D
  • Ctrl+S
  • Ctrl+C

2. The number of mail messages in the queue is increasing. Which of the following could cause this?

  • Target mail server is down
  • Configuration issue with local mail server
  • Problem with mail delivery
  • All choices are valid

3. Which of the following options, when used with the mailq command, will re-send the messages in the queue?

  • –s
  • –q
  • –r
  • –d

4. A mail alias can be created for which of the following?

  • Email address
  • Command
  • User name
  • All of the above

5. The mail alias file contains the following alias: movie_buffs. Five users are associated with this alias. If a message is sent to movie_buffs, who will receive the message?

  • Only users who are logged in at that time
  • None, message will remain in the queue.
  • One of them will receive the message
  • All five members

6. The file /etc/mail/aliases.db is the binary format of the file /etc/mail/aliases.
True or False?

  • True
  • False

7. Mike, a production support engineer, needs to temporarily leave the company on an emergency leave. In his absence Mike wants Francis, another support engineer, to receive the support messages. What should Mike do?

  • Pass on his login details to Francis so that he can access his email
  • Initiate the process for creating new production support account
  • Create .forward file in his home directory and redirect messages
  • Delete his mailbox

8. postfix has several advantages over sendmail. Which of the following is NOT an advantage associated with postfix?

  • Enhanced security
  • Ease of administration
  • Single executable
  • Modular design

9. Which of the following is NOT a core module of qmail?

  • qmail-master
  • qmail-smtpd
  • qmail-send
  • qmail-remote

10. Which of the following statements is NOT true for exim?

  • exim has better security compared to sendmail
  • exim implements access control lists
  • exim has three queues for storing messages temporarily
  • exim has a single binary, similar to sendmail

11. The transfer of messages between machines and routing them to the correct destination is done by the Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs).
True or False?

  • True
  • False

12. A user is accessing mail through the mail command interface. The command delete 3 will delete the 2nd mail message because mail messages are counted starting with 0 instead of 1.
True or False?

  • True
  • False

13. A user is having trouble accessing the CDROM drive. He wants to send a message to the root user for help. Which of the following commands will create a new message that will be sent to the root user?

  • sendmail -n
  • mail @root
  • mail new_mesaage
  • mail root

14. Deborah created a new alias and added it to the mail alias file. Next, she tried to use the alias through the sendmail command, but the new alias is not working. What is the most likely reason?

  • Maximum number of aliases is exceeded
  • File aliases.db was not rebuilt using the newaliases command
  • New alias already existed
  • New alias was added with incorrect syntax

15. A message was forwarded as per the .forward file found in the user’s home directory. What happens to the original message?

  • It goes back to the message queue
  • It is sent back to the sender
  • A copy is retained in user’s mailbox
  • Original message gets forwarded, no copy retained

16. SMTP is the standard protocol for communication between email server and mail client.
True or False?

  • True
  • False

17. Jackie wants to run sendmail as a daemon in the background. Which of the following options should she use with sendmail?

  • –bp
  • –bi
  • –bD
  • –bd

18. What happens if the user sysadmin invokes the mail command interface and there are no unread mail messages?

  • Command returns an error code
  • The mail program exits without any message
  • The message No mail for sysadmin is displayed
  • The cursor is placed in the message body for creating a new message

19. While accessing mail through the mail command interface, a user sees 5 new messages in his mailbox. Since the second message appears important, he would like to read that message first. Which mail command should be used?

  • 2
  • show 2
  • display 2
  • print 2

20. Which of the following information is NOT available in the output from the mailq command?

  • Arrival time
  • Size
  • Out time
  • Sender

21. The behavior of the newaliases command is identical to the sendmail –bi command for systems that are using sendmail.
True or False?

  • True
  • False

22. The behavior of the mailq command is identical to the sendmail –bp command for systems that are using sendmail.
True or False?

  • True
  • False

23. You have observed that your organization is not getting any incoming messages. What would be the most likely problem?

  • Domain name is not registered
  • The administrator placed a .forward file in the root directory
  • POP3 is not configured
  • Port 25 is not open on the firewall

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1 year ago

4. A mail alias can be created for which of the following?
wrong answer

 An alias can be created to an email address, a user name, a file, a command, or another alias. 

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