Linux Essentials – Chapter 02 Exam Answers 2019 + PDF file

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  1. The Samba application is a:
    • File Server*
    • Web Server
    • Security Server
    • Mail Server
  2. Which of the following are examples of desktop software? (choose two)
    • Web server
    • File share
    • Web browser*
    • Music player*
    • Compiler
  3. If you wanted to set up a blog, which software would be most helpful?
    • WordPress*
    • MySQL
    • Samba
    • Postfix
    • Dovecot
  4. Which of the following pieces of software deal with file sharing? (choose three)
    • Netatalk*
    • NFS*
    • X-Windows
    • Samba*
    • PostgreSQL
  5. If you wanted to create and print an invoice, which software could you use?
    • Evolution
    • Firefox
    • GNOME
    • Compiz
    • LibreOffice*
  6. POP and IMAP are related to:
    • Sharing files
    • Email*
    • Reading and writing music
    • Serving web pages
    • Letting users log in to multiple servers with 1 set of credentials
  7. When a computer boots, it can get its network information through:
    • X11
    • DNS
    • DHCP*
    • LDAP
    • SMTP
  8. Which of the following are examples of text editors? (choose four)
    • pico*
    • emacs*
    • yum
    • vim*
    • nano*
  9. A package manager: (choose two)
    • Downloads software from the Internet*
    • Emails you when software is out of date
    • Keeps track of which files belong to which packages*
    • Can optionally repartition your disk to make room for Linux
    • Performs a fresh install of Linux
  10. An interpreted programming language: (choose two)
    • Takes fewer resources to run than a compiled language
    • Tends to offer more features than compiled languages*
    • Is converted into machine specific instructions as the program runs*
    • Requires a linking step but no compilation step
    • Requires a compilation step but no linking step
  11. Which of the following are true about compiled programming languages?
    • Compiled languages are great for system administration tasks like scripting
    • C is a compiled language*
    • Ruby is a compiled language
    • Perl is a compiled language
    • A programmer is usually more productive when using a compiled language
  12. Which package manager is used in Fedora, a Red Hat derived system?
    • vim
    • tar
    • apt-get
    • bash
    • yum*
  13. The Linux shell: (choose three)
    • Has a scripting language*
    • Has a built in text editor
    • Is responsible for tracking the location of configuration files
    • Is customizable*
    • Allows you to launch programs*
  14. Which application would you use to edit and piece together sound files to make podcast?
    • GIMP
    • Bash
    • Thunderbird
    • Audacity*
    • Audiolicious
  15. The two main families of Linux shells are: (choose two)
    • Python Shell
    • Korn shell
    • emacs
    • Bourne Shell*
    • C Shell*
  16. Which server software would you use to create a company directory that you could search and authenticate against?
    • ISC DHCP
    • Netatalk
    • OpenLDAP*
    • bind
    • Samba
  17. A Mail Transfer Agent’s primary purpose is to:
    • Filter out spam
    • Manage the end user’s inbox
    • Serve email to end clients
    • Deliver mail between servers*
    • Act as a gateway between faxes and email
  18. Which of the following are examples of a web server? (choose two)
    • postfix
    • NFS
    • Nginx*
    • WordPress
    • Apache*
  19. If you wanted to let a Linux machine share files with Windows clients and servers, you would use:
    • Netatalk
    • DNS
    • Samba*
    • NFS
    • bind
  20. Richard Stallman is associated with:
    • The Open Source Initiative
    • Microsoft
    • The Free Software Foundation*
    • BSD Unix
    • The Apache foundation
  21. A “copyleft provision” in a software license means:
    • If you redistribute the software, you must distribute the source to any changes you make*
    • You may not link against third party closed source software
    • You must provide free copies of the software if you use it
    • You must provide support for your modifications
    • You give up your copyright to the software
  22. The largest difference between the GPLv2 and BSD licenses is:
    • GPLv2 is not approved by the OSI
    • Only BSD allows commercial use
    • Nothing, they are virtually identical
    • BSD has no copyleft provision*
    • GPLv2 requires assigning copyright to the FSF
  23. The Free Software Foundation believes that: (choose two)
    • Software should be free to modify*
    • No money should ever change hands
    • Software should be free to share*
    • People should write software with no expectation of making money
    • Software should not have copyright
  24. Which of the following licenses was made by the FSF?
    • MIT
    • BSD
    • GPLv3*
    • Creative Commons
    • Apache
  25. A permissive free software license: (choose two)
    • Means you can use the software for anything you want*
    • Does not allow the software to be locked to certain hardware
    • Places no restrictions on sharing modifications*
    • Places the software in the public domain
    • Requires you share software changes but not binaries
  26. Linux is distributed under which license?
    • Linux Foundation
    • MIT
    • BSD
    • GPLv2*
    • GPLv3
  27. Who founded the Open Source Initiative? (choose two)
    • Richard Stallman
    • University of California at Berkeley
    • Eric Raymond*
    • Linus Torvalds
    • Bruce Perens*
  28. A generic term for Open Source and Free Software is:
    • SLOFF
    • Libre Software
    • FLOSS*
    • GPL
    • OS/FS
  29. Which are examples of permissive software licenses? (choose two)
    • GPLv3
    • GPLv2
    • LGPLv3
    • MIT*
    • BSD*
  30. What does it mean when a work is placed in the public domain?
    • The work was done by a government agency
    • The author has died
    • You must redistribute changes to the software
    • You may not use the work for commercial purposes
    • The author has relinquished the copyright on the work*
  31. Creative Commons licenses allow you to: (choose three)
    • Specify whether or not people may distribute changes*
    • Receive royalties on the use of the work
    • Specify whether or not changes must be shared*
    • Allow or disallow commercial use*
    • Get a veto on where the work is used
  32. If a podcast is licensed under the CC BY-ND license, you may: (choose two)
    • Use an interview or song from it for your own podcast
    • Post it to your website*
    • Add ads to it and post it to your website.
    • Share it as long as you give credit to the author*
    • Sell it as part of a compilation
  33. How can you make money from open source software? (choose three)
    • Charge a yearly fee for the right to use the software
    • Take payments for fixing bugs*
    • Sell hardware that’s built to work with the software*
    • Provide paid consulting services for users*
    • Unlock premium features for people that pay
  34. To place software under an open source license, you must give up your copyright.True or False?
    • True
    • False*
  35. The difference between the GPL and LGPL licenses are:
    • LGPL is shorter than GPL
    • LGPL allows linking to non GPLed software*
    • LGPL applies to web services
    • LGPL was made by the OSI while GPL was made by the FSF
    • LGPL allows you to distribute the software in binary-only form
  36. Permissive free software licenses: (choose three)
    • Are not approved by the OSI
    • Are not approved by the FSF*
    • Include the GPLv2 and BSD
    • Can allow software to be used inside closed source software*
    • Don’t have a copyleft provision*
  37. The Creative Commons version of Public Domain licensing is:
    • Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
    • Attribution-NonCommercial
    • Attribution
    • NoAttribution-ShareAlike
    • No Rights Reserved*
  38. Your company makes a hardware firewall that runs a custom Linux kernel. What are your obligations under GPLv2?
    • You must ensure your custom kernel runs on a regular Intel machine
    • You must make the source to your kernel available*
    • There are no requirements
    • You must make the source to your custom web interface available
    • You must make your hardware designs available
  39. Participating in open source projects can improve your technical skills, even if it is not your day job.
    True or False?

    • True*
    • False

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