Class Activity – Draw Your Concept of the Internet Now Instructions

Model your idea of a network after reading chapter 1

Model your idea of a network after reading chapter 1

Draw Your Concept of the Internet Now


Identify the common components of a network.

In this activity, you will illustrate how concepts from Chapter 1 are applied to show how network devices connect to and throughout the Internet. After reflecting on your home or small-business topology, you will become familiar with using the device icons and knowledge needed to visualize network connectivity through the remaining network courses.

Background / Scenario

In this activity, you will use the knowledge you have acquired throughout Chapter 1, and the modeling activity document that you prepared at the beginning of this chapter. You may also refer to the other activities completed in this chapter, including Packet Tracer activities.

Draw a map of the Internet as you see it now. Use the icons presented in the chapter for media, end devices, and intermediary devices.

In your revised drawing, you may want to include some of the following:
– WANs
– LANs
– Cloud computing
– Internet Service Providers (tiers)
Save your drawing in hard-copy format. If it is an electronic document, save it to a server location provided by your instructor. Be prepared to share and explain your revised work in class.

Required Resources

• Beginning of chapter modeling activity drawing
• Packet Tracer (may be optional if students sketch their own drawing)
• Paper and pencils or pens


1. After completing Chapter 1, are you more aware of the devices, cabling, and physical components of a small-to-medium size network?

I would definitely say that I am. I learned what LANs and WANs are, what an end and intermediary device is, the jobs of routers and servers, how packets work, and various methods of keeping one’s computer safe.


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